Correlation between Hodkin's Lymphoma and Liposcarcoma?

I just finished treatment Of Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma at the end of May and am in remission. I just had a 18 cm fatty tumor removed from my thigh that they now believe (and have sent away for more testing) could be Liposcarcoma. I won't know for 3-6 weeks, but is there in correlation between the two?


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    I have never heard of such a link, but who knows.   I love researching these matters, and would have asked your question if I were you.

    After I had Hodgkins in 2009, I got prostate cancer in 2015.  I looked into links, and there is not one; those two are wholly unrelated.

    HL is commonly linked to morphing into various forms of NHL, or into leukemia, but not much else.  But to the contrary, NHLs almost never morph into HL. And in general, when a lymphoma returns as a different strain of lymphoma, it is almost always as a more aggressive strain.


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    Some information that may be helpful

    Although I am not able to answer your question, I think this link will be helpful to you in learning more about Liposarcoma:    

    Hoping for good results for you.....



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    Thanks for your answers and

    Thanks for your answers and for the link. I appreciate it!