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Back to doc tomorrow

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I am just venting. My incision is still open and I now have fish looking line sticking out of it. I have a doc appt tomorrow. I am frustrated because it hurts right now to stand, sit, lay down, walk. I also have new bruising showing as the swelling has gone down. Yup I know I sound like s whino right now. My skin is super tender from having to use tape for covering the wound. I have a latex allergy which makes it difficult to find tape at times. I'm done whining 


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From reading about you incision the doctor will probably tell you to put that bikini in moth balls until next summer.




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I had terrible oozing sores from wherever the tape touched my skin. When dr ripped tape off my skin came with and I had blisters all over . Still have the scars from the tape.  I also had the fishing line sticking out.  Didn't notice till after my 2 week appt recheck.  At some point, maybe 2-3 weeks later I pulled them out with a tweezer.  Ugh but didn't hurt ;) also, my 6 incision  holes from partial lap I had pulled open (all of them) kept scabbing over for a long time maybe 6 weeks or so.  Had surgery in February and I still have very purple wide little scars..  hang in there!


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I'm doing the Ow, ow, OW dance for / with you regarding your tape and latex allergies. If you are unable to get guaranteed latex-free tape, I'd be MORE than happy to get some and ship it to you. I have latex allergies, so yikes can I relate. Let me know! 


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That does not sound fun.  they closed me up right after surgery and stitched me shut.  it wasn't pleasant but nothing like having to deal with that.  I hope they can clear everything up soon.  It took about 4 weeks before I was really back up and around after the wound healed, although the scar sealed in about a week and a few months before i was walking more than a mile.

You can always whine around me.  We all have good reason and it feels good to just let it out.

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Looking for help. Just found a 1cm RCC,oncocytoma mass says differentail diagnose on MRI scan. PCP sent me out to a urologist. Lost and worried on whats to come only 36. Have 3 beautiful boys and a wonderful husband. Any help would be great.


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i am new at this also..i hope we can follow each other.

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It sounds like you have a very early diagnosis which is a good thing.  A 1 cm mass in the kidney may have them do just a partial or even a removal of just the tumor.  With some luck you will escape to a good life with regular CT scans and an interesting scar to show for it.  But to really know will take some time.  Best advice I can give is keep up a positive attitude as much as you can and find a good shoulder to cry on when you can't. 

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We're here to help you, but you need to start a post about yourselves(its easy), then we can talk to you. We're a friendly bunch, who have/are all going through the same thing. Its a very supportive site.

I will say one thing: Diagnosis is the worst part. Your mind goes crazy imagining the worst possible things that could happen - its never as bad as your imagine can make it.

I was diagnosed in 2013 with an aggressive 10cm growth and lumps in my lungs. I'm 55 today and feeling great. Treatment is improving every day.

k3364, I'm no Dr, I'm a historian, so with all the authority of a man who can name all the Emrperors of Rome, I would say that 1cm is a tiddler and, unless you throw yourself under a bus, you'll be around to look after your kids. In fact I'd be willing to bet that you'll be around long enough for them to look after you.

Ellajane, I dont have your info to hand (set up your own thread!), but the same applies about the diagnosis being the hardest part.

But please set up your own threads, instructions are at the top of the page and are pretty clear.

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and look on the good side.....you got that sucker out of there.

I've had multiple abdominal surgeries, including a hysterectomy with non-dissolving suture closing, which was pokey, to say the least.

Three cancer surgical rounds.  #1, 14" and 63 staples-ouch with each one coming out; #2, 4" and dissolving sutures-no problems; #3, 4" and steri strips- a couple came off too soon and left an oozing area.

Of course, the muscles are a bit droopy in spots, but I wore a bikini in Mexico last vacation and still looked better that a few of the guys and gals that were strutting around the pool.

Get your Dr. visit behind you and you should begin to feel better.  If need be, he can make a pin-hole opening and extract the undissolved suture.  You aren't the first person or the last it will happen to.

Good Luck and hugs,


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