Stage 3/4 GBM

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 I just wanted to make a quick trip post to introduce myself to everybody here, my name is Jason Rowley and I just had a 4 cm x 4 cm right frontal GBM states 304 glioma removed    I'm as I go through these initial stages of grief and why in the hell what the hell happened I just wanted to seek some advice from people on what I should be doing I'm thinking about trying to do  this hit me pretty hard and my concentrative cocnobility.  Has been effective in that was left me very depressed since the surgery on July 15 I haven't had a real nights sleep and five days now and three manic feeling is just overwhelming and overtaking me I just don't know what to do I'm trying not to take pain meds and try not to take Valium I'm trying not to take anything but I just cannot get to sleep even when I'm super tired like right now in a dark room I will just close my eyes and my brain will just keep on thinking any advice would be great thank you for listening 


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    First of all it is very hard to go through  and you are handling it very well. My cousin went through the brain cancer but that was stage 3.  But lot of your body recovery is dependent on how much rest . Most important is to sleep and have you discussed initially taking valium with your doctor. Huge population takes this medicine and if your doctor is ok with taking it, I would suggest do it. There is nothing wrong with it.

    Other practice which we worked with my cousin was to watch your breathe  'come and go' from nose to abdomen , anytime thoughts come- do not engage in thoughts(which ofcourse will happen), gently just bring your focus back on breathe. Just keep practising it and you will certainly feel your brain getting peaceful.  Feel the fear, feel the pain and just keep bringing focus back on breathe.

    You know you are much more stronger and bigger than your illness. That is why illness is part of you and not vice-versa.

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    hi there. I was struck by

    hi there. I was struck by your post. I hope you can tslk this out with a professional and get some help to rest. Also there may be a support group that can be of help if you are feeling up to it. i have noticed many recommendations to seek care at a cancer center that is an NCI place so I will pass this along to you . breathing techniques can be helpful as can pharmaceutical things like Valium . I support you taking these. I also take Ativan to life some stress off me . Hope this helps , please lean in any friends you have to help you keep your head above water during this extraordinarily difficult time . 


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    Your in the early stage of

    Your in the early stage of this fight and your mind keeps reaching, for what might help, what else you could/should be doing, or just trying to feel alive and make the most of the moment, but it will pass,to a degree. A new normal sets in, in time. Until then I'd take the Valium, Ativan worked for my wife, I found the low dose of Xanax calmed my mind well, and two put me out every time. Taking something now doesn't me you'll wind up dependent on it, just don't reach for it automatically later, when your mind settles down. Nine years later, my use of Xanax is limited to occasional moments of severe stress, maybe a couple times a month. Hope you're already sleeping better.........................Dave

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    How are you?

    Hi Gwjasonr. It has been a few weeks since your post and I was wondering how you are doing? Are you able to get any sleep? I was diagnosed three years ago with grade 3 astrocytoma. I had been taking trazadone at night as a sleeping aide so I don't usually have trouble sleeping but I did have a hard time during the day when I felt like I needed to rest but couldn't relax. A family member sent me a CD of a relaxation method that I would listen to and I don't know if I ever made it through it without falling asleep. Sometimes I would wake up when the CD ended and other times, I would stay asleep and would be able to nap for a couple of hours. The CD came with the relaxation method as well as a yoga CD and a book. If you are still having trouble sleeping and would be interested in something like that, I will send you the author's name and the name of the book and accompanying CDs. Good luck to you. There are lots of encouraging stories here and as hard as it may be, find comfort in some of our good outcomes. My radiation oncologist told me that his goal was to take me from having a life-threatening condition to chronic condition not unlike diabetes or high blood pressure. Don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us.