auto stem cell after DA-EPOCH agressive diffuse large b-cell

New to forum, and would like to ask the question of benifits of doing auto stem cell immediatly after my 6 treatments of Da-EPOCH? I am finishing my 6 treatments for agressive diffuse large b-cell, and my pet after 2nd treatments was great with it almost gone.will have another pet in a few weeks, but doctors want to do a auto-stem cell now citing a better chance of longer remmision. Anyone similer or any comments?


  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    Welcome to you Jeff.

    SCT is ordinarily not used except in cases of relapse. There may be specific reasons why your oncologist sees this as necessary, but it is not typical.  

    Numerous regular writers here have had or are awaiting SCT, and they can better advise you, but the PET results from early-in your treatment render your doctors suggestion curious to me.


  • Rocquie
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    My oncologist referred me for SCT during my first-line chemo because he thought it the best chance of "cure". 

    He referred me to a Bone Marrow Transplant Specialist. And I would recommend it to you also. It will help answer many of your questions. Ask your oncologist for a referral.




  • lindary
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    Mr Dr wanted to do SCT because they were treating my FNHL as an aggressive type. Even though I was in remission in Nov they felt SCT wold almost assure that the cancer would stay at bay longer. Auto turned out to not be an option.  After 8 months of remission and 2 sets of PET/CT scans with NED, DR has decided to take SCT off the schedule. 

    It sounds like your Drs want to do SCT for a reason similar that mine wanted to, to keep an aggressive cancer at bay. All you can do is ask questions and research. The final decision is always yours.

    Adding in - I did have a bone marrow biopsy at the same time I had the CT/PET scans.