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Just wondering opinions here. My doctor basically said I can start driving when I am ready. I'm still sore and incision is still open. How long did you wait to start driving again? To refresh I had an open nephectmy and complete kidney and uterer removal 6/29. 

Hey ker 

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Heyker, Maybe give it as test drive. If uncomfortable try it aain in a week. No racing cars. I waited almost 11 months before I water skied.




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I was released to drive at my 2 week checkup with the surgeon.  Personally I felt so much better just to drive around town. It was great to get out for my mental health ;)


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I was also released to drive after 2 weeks. I did fine.

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I tried just going out and sitting in the van and steering. Left side is still pretty tender. I had my appendectomy on the same side in April. If I can get the spasming to calm down I will be able to drive easier. Will try again the end of the week.

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I was also released to drive at 2 weeks but I had a partial.  Doesn't sound like you're quite ready, so give it more time.  I would say if you can, then wait until you feel like you're confident to handle it.  You'll know when the time is right for you.  God forbid if you have to stop fast and you're not ready for it.


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wont let me drive! Curses,but they mean sell

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