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Should this cyst hurt?

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I feel like someone just sucker punched me in the Kidney. It hurts to breath or move or lay still. What the hell is it? Do these things hurt? 

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Its funny how when you are told you have the cyst that what you felt as just something before now feels like a cyst. I am sure there are a variety of answers to your question.



ps: I have 3 nephews and a sister-in-law who graduated from Udub as well.

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Joined: Jul 2016

Oh no I've always had flank pain on some level. A trip to the ER for flank pain is how they found It in April. But ****.... after working out today I feel like it's trying to come out that or someone's squeezing my kidney. I've been laying down since I got home. 

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If it gets too bad go the ER.  

PS. I'm an ER nurse.  

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I only felt it when I slept.  Every single night when I rolled to my left side it felt like I was rolling onto a tennis ball and it would wake me.  Since my surgery when I exercise too hard I feel flank pain....makes me crazy but I guess that's just the way it is now.  Just another excuse for being out of shape. haha


P.S.  As Medic said, if it gets too bad go to the ER.

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If it worries you, go to the Dr. What have you got to lose?

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