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pleomorphic liposarcoma

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Hi., im ROGER from philippines.. my Dad was diagnosed with PLEOMORPHIC LIPOSARCOMA last 3 weeks ago, and now the oncologist told us., that the cancer cell, spread in yhr lungs., so, he suggest the best way to treat my dad ia through chemo. however, he added that he is not certain for the assurance of chemo. but he is hoping.. So. im calling people who may read this., please allow me to recieve feedbacks if we are experiencing the same trauma with this case.. alsuedirgn@gmail.



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my husband was diagnosed with pleomorphic liposarcoma in March 2016. The tumor was in his left arm. He had 25 radiation treatments  and then the tumor was removed in June. It spread to the lung and the liver. He started chemo in August. Treatments are once every 3 weeks.  He has had 3 treatments so far. He will have a scan this week to evaluate the progress of the chemo. We are hoping for positive results.


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