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Tues I saw the Stem Cell Dr. My bloods were ok. Still not in the normal range but close. She told me that I am doing good. The 2 scans & bone marrow biopsies done this year show no sign of the cancer although they still don't know what the abnormal cells were in the Nov biopsy. It was because of that Nov test they wanted to push forward for the SCT. However auto was not possible for several reasons. So they put me on wait & watch. 

The news she gave me Tues just blew me away. Of course she hopes the cancer stays in remission. Then she added that if it were to come back it is doubtful I would have SCT even then. She believes that there are so many new treatments coming out for lymphoma that by then there would be soemthing new to fight it. 

Her parting words when we left were "go and enjoy life!".



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Mary from NJ
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That is wonderful news!  Enjoy life to the fullest!! 

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The abnormal cells may due to the marrow damage that inevitably results form chemotherapy. Like everything else in your body, your bone marrow takes time to heal. It can present as a sort of transient Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). But, the clock never did stop, did it? As long as the clock is running, it is time to live life. Tomorrow cannot be a problem until and unless it arrives.

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Lndary..such great news for you! Hope that you are feeling great and following Doctor's orders !


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Delighted to read this.  You have had so much chemo applied -- you deserve this !  As Kaniksu stated, "Do as the doctor ordered."



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Yes po18guy they did mention MDS back in Nov. The only problem was there was some test that wasn't run on the sample to tell them if that is what it was. So I had another biopsy in Feb so they could run the other test(s) but no abnormal cells. Tried again in May and still nothing. So the Drs don't know for sure what it was or what happened to it. Our bodies are a very complicate system so maybe my body took care of whatever it was. As long as whatever it was never shows up again, I'm good.

I have been having a lot of muscle pain in my shoulder, neck, lower back and legs. Neck & shoulder is from working on the computer. Lower back is disc in lower back. But the legs, not sure what caused it. All I know is it was getting harder to get up from a chair. So last Saturday I went in for some massage therapy. Only did 30 mins but I feel great. I still have some tightness but nothing like it was before I went so I will go back in about 2 weeks.  Next appt will be to see the dentist. That has been long over due. 

It is also fun to be able to plan things more than a couple of weeks in advance. 

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