Hi! I'm new here and want to introduce myself.

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Hello!  My dear friend was diagnosed with inoperable grade 4 GBM in May.  She had no other symptoms other than confusion one weekend.  She started her 6th and final week of daily radiation and chemo today, and is looking forward to returning to a new normal in her life.  With the addition of Dexamethazone the confusion quickly subsided and she has not been nauseaus with her treatment - only fatigued.  Currently she is unable to drive or work, but she hopes after her scan next month she will be able to return to both.  In addition she will be starting a 5/23 regimine of Temodor as well as receiving TTFs from Optune.  My friend doesn't own/use a computer, so I research everything possible and bring it back to her.  While I can't tell her everything is going to be ok, I have told her no matter what the future holds, I will be with her every step of the way.