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I have began and completed my first round of chemo. I have some questions regarding drinking water through the next 3 treatments. All food tastes terrible and drinking water gets old and hard to keep down. Any suggestions?


  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    What chemo drugs are you

    What chemo drugs are you receiving Megan ?

    While anything is possible, food adversons and taste issues beginning with a first cycle is unusual.

  • lindary
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    I know what you mean about the water. On chemo day and for at least a week after I would fill up 2 - 2 liter bottles with water and put them in the frig at night. The goal was to drink both of them the next day.  Whenever I looked at the water bottle and felt "blah" I would remind myself that the water is flushing the excess drugs out of my system. The more I drank the quicker I was getting rid of the excess. Sometimes I would put some flavored powder mix in with the water. I like the water cold and I find it easier to drink it when it is warm outside. 

    For food I found I could still taste spicy food. We have Mexican and Chinese restaurants around here that have nice spicy dinners. Indian food is also good with the spices. Didn't eat them a lot because I was afraid I would turn against them. So I limited it to maybe once a week. 


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    Chemo or a biological drug?

    As Max asked, the combination of drugs you are receiving will tell a lot. Some non-chemo biological drugs, Romidepsin for example, produce serious taste aversions/anorexia for 1-3 days following treatment.