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pathology report back and incision update

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Evening all,

Well right now I am cancer free! YES!! I will need every 3 months ct,chest xray, and blood work for the next year. 

Pathology report 

Left kidney: Clear cell renal cell carcinoma

furnman grade 2 (what does this mean?)

3.1 cm in greatest dimension

tumor focally involves the peri-renal fat

neg for lymphovascular invasion

vascular and ureteral margins are neg for tumor.


Incision has opened about an inch so we have to pack it the next week or 2 fun times!

Thanks for all the help


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Sounds like you are going to be around for the long term.



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Please see the following which I copied from a renal cancer site:

The most widely used and most predictive grading system for renal cell cancer is the "Fuhrman Nuclear Grade". Your pathology report should use the Fuhrman Grade. Fuhrman grade is on a scale of I-IV, where grade I carries the best prognosis and grade IV the worst.

Nuclear grade means that the system is based on just the appearance of the nuclei of the cancer cells, rather than the appearance or structure of the cells as a whole. Nuclear characteristics used in the Fuhrman Grade particularly indicate how actively the cells are making protein.

Overall, sounds like you're doing pretty well.  Very soon this will be behind you and you'll feel like a million bucks that the little menace was found early.


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Tumor grade is the description of how abnormal the tumor cells look under a microscope. It is an indicator of how quickly a tumor is likely to grow and spread. My tumor was also a grade 2 and I was told that grade 1 and 2 are lower grades and generally indicate a better prognosis.  Anyway, Congrats on your excellent pathology report!...Take Care, Panda


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That's a good path report. Yes, a grade 2 is low in aggressiveness. And your 3 month follow ups will catch anything should it arise, which hopefully will not occur. Wishing you a speedy recovery with that incision!

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Heyker, that is a good report.  Grade 2 and 3.1 cm is most likely a cure. Nothing in the margins which is good.  It sounds like you got it in time.  Don't worry too much. They are on the right path with the follow up and sounds like you are in good hands. Go on with your life and don't stress.  :)  Easy to say but with your path report it can be easy to do.. Hugs!

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Good news

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Congrats on the news.  May you continue to recupe and feel better every day. 

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