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MRI Results

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Hi Everyone,

     It seems that I cannot catch a break right now! I had MRI of brain on Saturday, July 2 and Dr. called me on Wednesday July 6 saying I have 4 (3 very small) tumors in my brain!  We will be doing Cyberknife Radiation on the biggest one and then discussing treatments.  Not sure what they are going to offer, I have always had surgeries.  My appointment is July 13 at 1:30, so I will be letting everyone know what Drs are suggesting.  Thanks for being here, it does help so much!

                                          Prayers and good health to all,


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....it's likely easier to nail 'em quickly.  Prayers heading your way.


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Prayers and good thoughts headed your way.  Of course, keep us posted.


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We are always here for you. Sending positive thoughts your way. Praying that the Cyberknife works well for you....Hugs, Panda


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My goodness Brenda, you have had more than your fair share.  I am keeping you in my prayers.  Please update us when you can.  Quick question: how about Keytruda?  Excuse my ignorance on the topic, but isn't that what they used on Former President Jimmy Carter?  Seemed like a miracle drug.

Prayers, hugs & love,


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Not fair after all you've been through. Hoping the cyberknife can get rid of them. All the best to you and prayers are heading your way.

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Please let us know about your appointment.  You have been thru a lot you brave girl.  We know you can pull this one off as well.  Never loose your posiitive energy and your courage!  Sending good vibes and hugs.

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Brenda, you are not alone. WE are with you ALL the way!

With that said, ENUFF!

More power to you!

Hugs, Jan

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We are all here for you

Hope cyberknife can help you get rid of them soon and as easy as possible

You are in my prayers


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Good luck girl.....waiting for your appointment

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Brenda, the Cyberknife proceedure is painless.  Getting the head gear screwed in was uncomfortable is all. The shots to numb the area to screw did hurt tho... but only a quick minute or half a minute.  Really cool proceedure though, you will see the best cutting edge technology close up.  Small mets are the best for target, so I hope you have all three done.  I had to have surgery... but my met was a dime size, and close to the outer edge of my skull, so they could get it easy enough and not have a high percentage of good brain mass loss... the follow up was the Cyberknife... I would choose that first from now on if small new ones come up.  Oh heck, I'll do cyberknife as many times as it takes.  

You will be fine.  Keep us posted please....



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Brenda - I will be going next Thursday for SRT to a 1.5 CM brain met.  Unfortunately, the latest hi-res MRI that was done is showing a smaller "satellite" tumor just behind this met.  I will learn tomorrow if the treatment plan is changing.  We can do this!  I am sending you strength and courage as you fight!  

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i clicked on your name to try and read up on your story. When you were originally diagnosed had it already spread?  Sorry to hear you are going through all of this :(

good luck!!!

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you've got all my karma coming your way. FLY.

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Branda, hold on! I'm sure cyberknife wiil do its job greatly!

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I dont know what it is, but it sounds so great I want one. How else is one supposd to interrogate James Bond. Good luck. Perhaps you and Fox could become trappist monks and do nothing in silence for a few tedious months. You lead dangerously interesting lives: Thinking of you and I want my own cyber scimitar.

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Not only do the comments and help, but you guys are all so good about putting a smile on my face!  Drs. appt tommorrow, will let everyone know what is going to happen!

                                          Love tp all!


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Hi Brenda!

So sorry to hear about the new tumors popping up. I know you can get through this! We love you, girl!

Big hugs


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