After cancer

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Doctors discovered a massive brain tumor on my sisters frontal right lobe in 2012. She was immeadiatly admitted into the Neuro ICU and operated on the next day. She then spent 10 weeks at MD Anderson recieving chemo and radiation every day. She was only given 3 years to live and miracously the tunor completely disappeared. But now almost 4 years later the affects of her cancer are worse than ever. She basicly has a mind of a slow 10 year old. We expected some loss in cognitive abilities but it seems to be getting worse and worse. She doesn't believe anything is wrong (she even Denys ever having cancer sometimes). My once hardworking, loving, compassionate sister now can't hold down a job for more then a few weeks, and is extremely irrational. We recently found out she hasn't paid any taxes the last year and is in trouble with the IRS but refuses to let our accountant help her. Things like this go on everyday. It makes it worse that she has a 4 year old son who was born right before they found the tumor, her and her ex have gotten divorved since because how bad she has gotten. Please anyone that can help, me and my family are afraid if we try to get power of attorney or anything she may run with my nephew. We are also afraid that if she loses the custody she has of my nephew she will hurt herself because she gets in depressive states. 


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    Tough spot

    You're in a tough spot with your sister.  My friend has frontal lobe GBM and it took many repeats before she could either remember or accept it was cancer.  Until then she kept telling everyone they didn't know what it was and she might find out the following week.  As you know frontal lobe cancer can impact personality.  My friend had temporary memory/personality issues until the Dexamethazone decreased her swelling.  Is there any chance you can meet with her oncologist to see if they can prescribe something that might help long enough for your sister to come to terms with her cancer and fill out her legal paperwork?  


    My prayers are with you.

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    Another thought

    Have you checked on clinical trials?  She may be eligible for the polio virus clinical trial at Duke.