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Help!! Please

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reading my last ct scan report also mentioned that I have more than one . Besides the mass on my upper mid pole left kidney. There is also a faint lesion in the lower pole left renal cortex. There is an additional small hypo dense cortical cyst in the anterior lip mid pole left kidney and a smaller round enhancing mass at the anterior lip renal cortex.

Does anyone have had experienced this? I'm. So scared! 

Thank you! 

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Claudia,  A lot depends on size. Hopfully they are all on the same Kidney. Even if small they may limit the ability to do a partial.



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Would be okay with copying and pasting the Impression from your radiology report?  There are a lot of people here that could help give you their opinions, but we need more information. 



Hang in there!


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I know this is scary and glad you came here for support and information. Your Urologist/surgeon will go over your scans and what all that means. I also had a cyst in same kidney with my "neoplasm" or tumor. I did fine. 2 years later...still fine!

Does is tell you the size of what they found on the radiology report?

Are you reading the report from the radologist who did the report on the scan? And remember, the Urologist has the best information for you. Hang in there.  We'll be here for you all the way!!

Hugs, Jan

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Oh we know this is scarey, we've all been there ourselves (actually I'm still there a little bit. Nosebleed? Cancer! Sore throat? Cancer!! Brexit?... You get the idea)

You will gain more information and as you do you will pass through scarey out the other side into 'dealing' with it. And through it all there will always be somebody here for you. Also scared, also dealing, also hoping for help and recieving it

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It sounds like you probably have cyts as well. Those are very common and can have nothing to do with cancer.  Let us know when you speak with your doctor.  Hugs!

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