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A relief to see the same familiar faces after so many months

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Hi everyone

It has been one year and one week since my surgery and about 8 months since I last visited the Forum.  I am so happy to see many of the "old timers" still active on the board - you give me hope. I am also sad to see so many new names and faces.  This time last year, I was a wreck and could not see my way to a future that didn't include pain and uncertainty.  Those issues have largely resolved and I am not dreading my one year check in with the urologist.  We are headed to Iceland today to celebrate life and my husband's 65th birthday.  Take heart everyone - we can't know what's in store for us but it can be OK. 

Have a wonderful summer.



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I'm so glad things are going well for you.  I'm one of those new faces, but I see hope and help and encouragement and caring on the forum, which helps me to see that in my life and future. 

My stepfather spent a lot of time in Iceland, so I have some pictures and wall hangings he bought there in my home.  This week as I walk past them, I'll especially think of you and your husband, your health and happiness (And of the others on the forum here, our health and happiness, too). 


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my brother and his wife spent a week there last October, just to vacation.  Other than bro was scheduled to have a hip replaced when he returned home, (and spent time visiting with the bus driver while the group took side hikes), they both enjoyed the scenery, food, and hot tubs!

Have fun.


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all those fresh, yummy looking veggies. 

Safe travels, I'm so jealous!

Donna~ Wink

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