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So after a new CT scan, and two stress tests this week my oncology team has decided to go ahead with the IL2 starting Tuesday.  That was the good news but we had bad news dropped on us too.  The CT scan did reveal that the radiation did shrink the big tumor that has been causing so much problems, I know that sounds like good news but the doctors found a new tumor in my bronchial tube that feeds the right lung, it was not noticed before because of where it was hiding and since the radiation was focused on the large tumor in my left lung I have had no treatment on the remaining tumors in both lungs.  The tumor in my right brochial tube, mind you this is the tube that feeds my right lung air, has grown so large that 80 percent of my right bronchial tube is covered.  My doctors said that if they can not reduce the tumor soon with IL2 and radiation this could be the end for me.  The result is I will be doing IL2 starting Tuesday and then as soon as I get out I will be doing radiation for a week or two, then go back to Il2 and continue this until they can get a head of the tumor and cause it to shrink if it does not work than I have some decisions to make.



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You've got a tough road ahead. Focus on keeping yourself going. Tell yourself you can take a little more. The treatments will come to an end. Concentrate on getting there.

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I know you must be feeling like it's all an uphill battle right now, and that may be the case, for now.  Please know you aren't alone in your journey, we all walk with you.  Try to maintain a positive outlook, eat well, get plenty of rest to keep fighting.

Keep us posted.

You'll be in my prayers,


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Wow, indeed --  it's a tough traveling right now, an uphill battle, but we are indeed your team mates and we're rooting for you to get the yellow jersey on this stretch. 


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is surgery not an option? Many patients have had a lung removed and with a tumor coveri 80% of the bronchial tube, wouldn't surgery remove the tumor?


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My other lung has a great deal of mets in it as well the doctors are not sure it would be beneficial for me to lose a lung.  I am very confident the IL2 and Radiation will work, I have to believe that.


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You are in my thoughts and prayers

May the treatments work best for you


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Kicked my tumours butt. But they give it to you in the ICU, which is all you need to know. Those ICU nurses are a breed apart.

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Mark, radiation has worked on your bigger tumor. It surely will wotk on the other one as well! Keep fighting, we are with you!

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Hi Mark,

Wishing you the same success and good experience with IL-2 as Stomps has had. Stay strong, stay hopeful! We are here for you, Mark!



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Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you, everynight...  



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We'll be adding your intentions to our family prayers that the IL2 and radiation reduces that bronchial tumor.



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and wishing the new treatment works.  Thinking of you.  Wishing you well.

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