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Update on Robert

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Robert was admitted to the hospital again last week for confusion and disorientation.  They found sepsis and high ammonia levels.  A couple of days in ICU and he was brought to a regular room and treated for infection and ammonia level.

He has been on a steady decline the past few days.  His liver is failing and he is not very responsive.  I made the decision to bring him home on hospice so he could be at home when his time came.  Hopefully they can transfer him today.  His bed and equipment are arriving this morning. I don't want to have to go to the hospital again today, I want him home.

Keep Robert in your prayers for a peaceful passing

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High Ammonia?

Since high ammonia levels are usually a result of liver failure, I wonder why dialysis wasn't provided while the infection (sepsis) was being addressed?

Life can be so tough; cancer is so far reaching that it's almost incomprehensible to those that have never experienced all of cancer's ramifications.

My heart goes out to you and Robert. May he see wellness in his own environment at home.



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*Deep sigh* This part always breaks my heart, and I am at a loss for words. 

I will indeed pray that Robert slips peacfully into the next stage; and I will pray also that you will be blessed with comfort and strength. 


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I hope that his passing is peaceful, surrounded by love. My heart goes out to you and Robert.


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I am so sorry for what your family is experiencing.  It is truly difficult knowing the end may be coming and being helpless to do anything to stop it.  My heart goes out to you; I have been where you are at now.  


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  I would rather be at home too, my thoughts are with you Ron.

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So very sorry to read this.

I hope that your dear Robert will be pain free and comfortable with his family at home.


Marie who loves kitties

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I pray for the best but if it's not to be then I hope it's peaceful. Being able to be at home at the end is such a wonderful gift. My brother was able to do so and his wife has been given so much peace because of it. She has no regrets despite how difficult it was. She knew how his care was being done all the time, no arriving at the hopsital and not knowing what's going on or wondering if they've done what they're supposed to or anything like that. No having to leave and wondering if it's the last time. Also she was able to be there when he was more lucid which could be at any time towards the end.

I'm so very sorry. I'm just sorry. 


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