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Help with Microscopic Diagnosis for Melanoma

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Hi all,

New to this group. I just had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma. I have a microscopic diagnosis but some of it is just Greek to me. I will list the results below and perhaps someone can help me decipher: (Afraid when I went in, only had a nurse, that could only read what was on the diagnosis sheet, and not explain anything!)

All margins of resection free of tumor

Comment: The modified tumor stage is as follows: pT4a: Melanoma greater in thickness than 4.0mm in thickness with no ulceration. 

Melona Summary

Specimen Type

Location: Left chest

Excision, wide


Macroscopic Tumor:

Largest single dimension: 2.3 cm



Satellite Nodules:

Absent/Not observed



Present, patchy/focal


Histologic Type:

Superficial spreading melanoma



Absent/not observed


Extent of Invasion:

Breslow thickness: 6mm

Clark's level: V

pT4a: Melanoma greater than 4.0mm in thickness, no ulceration


Blood/Lymphatic Vessel Invasion:



Perineural Invasion:

Absent/ not observed


Tumor infiltration Lymphocytes:



Tumor Regression:

Absent/not observed


Mitotic Index:

1 or more mitotic figure per mm2


Thanks all really appreciate it!

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