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Hi everybody!

I was away by the sea wihout a computer and no wi-fi conexion for about the longest time ever!   Only the phone and wifi in some places, not often.  It was great! Almost like life in the old days when computers and cell phones were not around!  It did me good and took most of the edge of the scanxiety I was starting to feel as the day came close to my check-up.  Came back to civilization Saturday night and had my scan this afternoon.  Im soooooo happy to say it was NED!  

So, Uncle NED was on a short visit to Paris today but I didn't even try to get him to do some touring around the city and sent him off to his next rounds.  If I remember well, he is expected shortly in Teheran and then off to Canada and USA.

I hope my good news gives hope and trust to many of you.  Im very grateful to have found this group.  Wishing you all well and sending a big round of hugs!





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Appreciate you sharing this information and congratulations. I love to hear this news from all of my friends on this site.

I'm jealous of your time by the ocean without computers or cell phones. I would love that.



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Marosa it's great news to you and every body may uncle Ned be our best friend. ....good luck to everyone 

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I'm so jealous of your time by the sea.  Sounds wonderful!


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I love to hear that kind of news!!!  

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Great news + time at sea + tech disconnect + a visit from Uncle Ned!  It was definitely thoughtful of you to shove Uncle Ned back out the door so he can visit other family members.


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He was in Florida last week on his way to Paris br way of the Gulf Stream.




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That guy gets around. Good thing!


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Very happy for the NED news, congratulations, he is supposed to meet me tommorrow, I'm very relaxed as I'm sure he'll meet me on time. By the way، thanks for sending him to Tehran.


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So happy for you,


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Huge congratulations! I'm so happy you had good news Smile

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(that's a pun). Beautiful Marosa, healthy, strong and ned. Easy to see from my eyes. Love you girl. Fox.

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 With my surgeon.  I know nothing is 100% sure in life but it's not a waste of time to listen to a Doctor Professor in Urology Surgery who has seen and treated hundreds of kidney cancer cases.    I went to see him today and bring him the results of my scan from yesterday. We discussed about my health in general and about how I felt.  Of course I was feeling so happy after yesterday's results... but I did tell him that even thou Im usually a happy outgoing person, I have often that shadow of fear of recurrence that often spoils my sleep.   Now keep in mind my tumor was a little over 6cm (all around, large axe) and a 2-3 furham grade with 20% necrosis to tie the bow.  He firmly believes that the first 2 years after surgery are crucial and after that chances of recurrance highly drop.  Stay healthy and fit,  keep up your check-ups, keep hydrated and a healthy diet... but he believes and has seen, that much more than half of the partials and radicals done today for localized kidney cancer are cured with surgery alone when found before spreading.  He said: "We did a good job, the two of us!   A not so looked after appointment turned out to be a wonderful experience full of trust and joy!


I will keep my check-up appointments and continue to eat healthy and exercise, but I plan to lightly let go of the crippled feeling that the experience of cancer can give us if you let it. I know I have been so lucky so far and I hope it stays that way... one never knows!  My greatest strenght has come from some of our members who have gone thru so, so much more than I.  I feel privileged to have met them if only thru this network and have them in my life if only by this board.  Some, I hang on to every word they say... im a grouppie!    Anyway, just wanted to share this, specially to the newbies who are so afraid.  It is a very very scary experience but you will see that you will be able to handle it, and everything painful that we live thru in life carries with it something that enriches us in many ways! Could I have done without this "richness"? sure thing but it sure feel good to have something good out of it all.  Love to you all


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Marosa, I love what he said, "We did a good job, the two of us..." This is team work in so many ways, including the team of each of us taking care of our selves. 

Thank you for sharing the joy and the encouragement --


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Couldn't have said any of it better.  Our lives are richer for our fellow kidney cancer members, the scary experience somehow enriches each of us through the privilege of communicating with each other and hell yes to being a grouppie!  woohooo!!

So happy you shared all the good news from your appointment.

Love you back  -  Donna~

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Thanks for sharing your great news Marosa! Isn't it great to just disconnect sometimes?

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So great to hear about Uncle's visit to Paris! Congrats!

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NED sure gets around and gets to travel without buying an extra seat  ;-).


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Hmmm.  I can be at a beach in 20 minutes.  I can go home and be out of cell phone range.  But I haven't always gone in for a test and had wonderful results.

Love to hear wonderful news.  Hugs...


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CONGRATS and HUGS, Marosa!! I am very happy for you!

Your doctor sounds great!

Stay well,


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Hi Mary!

So happy to hear that Uncle NED came to visit you as well! Your doctor visit was a good one. Mine also said that after 2 years the recurrence rate drops a lot. I do worry about it sometimes, especially when other health issues pop up, but we must try to live to the fullest so that we don't let cancer take any more from us!

Hope you enjoyed your visit by the sea. My husband and I just booked a trip to your lovely country again! We are going in November for 2 weeks!



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Nice, happy for your good results!!


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We are twins, Marosa! My tumor was also 6cm and a grade 2. The only difference is that I had a radical nephrectomy in May 2014. I'm coming up on my 2 year visit in August. I hear ya about the scanxiety. I start getting anxious about a month before my visit to MD Anderson. Irrational thoughts fill my head. I really appreciate you posting what your doc had to say about the chances for recurrence dropping after 2 years. Gives me hope. Take Care, from your twin in Texas...;)

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Well done Marosa

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