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Happy Anniversary to me!

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Hubby and I have been married 52 years today.  As I've said before, divorce-never; murder-maybe.  Especially after he brought home 3 flats (that's 36 pints of berries) the other day.  But no pectin, jars/lids/rings/ and only 5# of sugar.  Four nights later and a couple of shopping trips later, we finished it all.  All I had to do yesterday was put all the jam in storage, finish the last load in the dishwasher, wipe splattered juice off almost every surface in the kitchen, and locate the counter surface.

On the supportive side, he attended the Relay for Life, where I celebrated my 10 year since first surgery anniversary.  I missed the 2006 relay because I was in the hospital.

Wishing you all long life and success in your endeavors.

Hugs to all,


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Your so old even I can't keep up with you. Icewoman and I just celebrated our 50th. On August 1 it  will be 14 years NED.




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Been married to my hubby second time around 16 years . congrats on everthing you have accomplished Donna


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Wishing you many more years together!

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Congrats on the anniversaries as well as finishing up the jam-making with your relationship still well preserved. When I've cooked up fruit, I've always wished I had sprinklers in the kitchen ceiling and a drain in the middle of the floor.

Stay sweet!


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Wow 52 years! I'm at 36 and definitely get the "divorce never; murder maybe" lol!

I'm going to steal that phrase from you!  

Enjoy the rest of your day.


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That's just awesome Donna. At 27 years, my ex and I called it enough. I think we're better friends now (34 years after our marriage) than before the divorce. I'm glad neither one of us resorted to the ultimate solution to marital problems. :)

Last time I made jam I had to reboil and recan it. I learned the hard way to never mix two recipes together. My biggest problem living alone is eating it all. It does make a nice gift though. What type of berries?

The last one I made was kumquat orange marmalade.

I admire all that energy and hard work. It does make a mess, but worth it.



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Do I groan, or GRRRROAN at the great puns?  We've made jam/jelly for years, but it's like all common sense with him went out the window.  At least it was too far away to get splatters on it, I think.

Todd, it was strawberry frezer jam and both freezer and boiled marionberry jam.   We use a hot pack without the boiling water bath.   He, too, kept arguing that there was too much sugar in it.  And I said it's a chemical reaction with the fruit, pectin and sugar and don't mess with the formula.

Let's see if he brings dinner home or says let's go out for dinner?  Any bets that he even remembers?


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That's what I found out the hard way. The ratio of fruit (and how much pectin is in the fruit), sugar, and any added pectin is critical. I tried mixing two different recipes and got pourable marmalade. Had to reboil and add pectin so got to do it twice.

I sure hope he remembers....but you have to know that our memories are not getting any better as the years go by so maybe give him a nudge (and not a punch).


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That's quite an accomplishment, 52 years & the jam.  Were you singing, "we be jammin"?  I hope your hubby remembers without any proding.  You'll have to let us know.  My husband doesn't forget our anniversary, so far anyway.  He told me it would be easy for him to remember when we picked the date of January 23rd.  (get it? 1-23)  I only wish he was as good at remembering other things, like taking the trash out, etc.  hahaha


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Two wonderful news, NED and anniversary, congratulations on both of them

52 years, wow, that's wonderful, wishing you many more years together

I love your phrase "divorce never, murder maybe" :)


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Happy Anniversary and many more wonderful years together!

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Yes, he brought dinner home...Chinese take-out and a bag of Hostess Donettes.  But I waited until we ate before I said, "Happy Anniversary."

And then he remembered.  On scheduling the wedding:  since my mom wasn't too good at following through, we scheduled two weeks following Spring Term finals and early enough that there wouldn't be a conflict with us returning to campus in mid-August for Football season daily doubles.  That was the year that put OSU in the Rose Bowl for the 1/1/65 game.


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May you have many more.

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Double anniversary! 10 yrs Relay for Life and 52 yrs married life:)

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I'm late to the party, but still want to congratulate! 52 years sound veeeery impressive!

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That's a great accomplishment.  I'm only at 43 and my wife says that she has heard there is so little difference between husbands she has decided to keep the first one.  Less training involved.


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For all the good wishes.  Donna

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hope your 52d anniversary was peaceful and awesome; no small achievement to get to 50, let alone 52. We are approaching 44 in August. 


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Congratulations what a milestone.

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Happy Anniversary, Donna!!!

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