Hodgkin's lymphoma menstral help

hello, I'm 22 and have been going threw chemo treatments for this lymphoma. And this month I have not had a period. I am regular and I didn't know if the chemo is the reason why i have not had one. Could someone please help and ease my mind??


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    Chemos often cause periods to stop or become irregular. Full or even partial menopause is possible, but usually reverses at some point after infusions are ended.  See attached link.  Obviously, ask your doctor about it

    Also, you should have been advised that some drugs cause infertility: some temporarily, some permanently.  If you specify what you are receiving, it is quite easy to look up at the same site .

    Attempting pregnancy after chemo is not recommended until visiting with a fertility counselor who is conversant in chemotherapy effects.  While you did not specifically ask about pregnancy, it is critical that you be aware of this.

    It always saddens me to see someone so young going through this. I hope you rapidly achieve full remission,



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    I too was regular than poof, completely gone for many, many months.  I was 48 at diagnosis so I thought perhaps menapasuse then learned better.  I was never the same but due to my age a shift in my cycle was emminante.

    I'm sorry your in this club at such a young age.  May you soar like a rocket and kick this nonsense where the sun doesn't shine!

    Best regards.


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    I was 20 when I was diagnosed

    I was 20 when I was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma.  I went months with out a period.  It was a long time ago but i think it was around nine months.  My mentral period did come back.   I would encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to about your concerns with the doctor.  As I look back i wish I would have asked more. I wasnt in any support group back then and  wish i would have been.  Im so glad you are here learning.   I wish you well as you go forword in your journey.