PNET Cancer

JStad Member Posts: 1

Very recently a family member has been diagnosed with PNET cancer which has spread to his spine. He is in his 30's (certainly not a child, and not typical of this particular form of cancer). I am wondering if anyone else in here has had any experiences?

My family is understandably a lot freaked out as anything online indicates low survival and ill prognosis following surgeries and radiation/chemo. It would be nice to connect with somebody that has lived this.

He is scheduled for surgical removal of the mass early this week, but any further radiation or chemo to deal with what is in his spine etc will have to wait (and the fear is that potentially anything unknowingly left in there may progress in that time period and only make matters harder to deal with or start us from scratch again.

Thanks in advance....I am new as of tonight to this network. Happy to have stumbled onto it!