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J tube leaking

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My dad has a PEG and a J tube. The PEG leaks a little but the J tube leaks so much that they had to rig up a wound pouch to keep it off his skin and attach a urine bag to it to collect the drainage.

Several surgens, wound specialist, doctors, etc have tried to get it to stop. And they have failed.


The drainage has created a tunnel just under the skin that has reopened a healed surgical scar that is now seeping out this drainage.

Has anyone else experienced this? Was there anything they could do to get it to stop?

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I am not familar with these tubes. All I can suggest it to search on line for those problems and see what you find. Then bring your findings to the Dr. 

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Your father's situation sound very unpleasant, Ps.  I had an NG (Nasal-Gastro) feeding tube for about a month when I was in ICU decades ago, when on the vent.  Anticipate weight loss:  I went from around 150 to perhaps 100 pounds.

I too had never heard of a J-tube, but Googled it, and see that it is surgically set into the lower small intestines, not the stomach.  If his upper GI blockages have cleared enough for nutrition to be sent into the stomach, perhaps he could switch to an NG. I would ask the surgeons.

I also had an abdominal drain installed, lower right, not far above the top of the pelvic bone.  I could not feel it at all, but there was no wound in the area, just the small incision where the tube entered.  The surgeons are no doubt doing all they can to address your dad's many complications.

I mention this to say that these things are survivable, despite how bleak things appear. I had the advantage of being 30 years old at the time, and did not have cancer, which no doubt helped, but I can to some limited extent relate.  Healing wounds in an elderly, very sick individual is tough.


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