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Well, had the PET scan and it showed no activity where the tumors were, and no tumors were seen. I am happy for these results but i still have that fear in the back of my mind which i think we all do, but i am going to run with it and enjoy it, i am leaving in 2 weeks for Massachusettes to go fishing! I was not able to go last summer as i was having treatments, so for as long as i am able to, i am going to keep going, i have a lot of catching up to do!!!



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You went from the prayer list to the praise list!! After NED, we all have that worry in the back of our minds. Don't let it define you. Celebrate every day that you feel good and catch a big one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NED is hard to imagine but do....

I'm with you, I have never been ill yet all sorts of weird things going on.  Not thinking or letting it penetrate my Armour.  Running with it as you say.  I may take up fly fishing, something I always wanted to do.  So thank you!



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Great news Chris. I hope you can use your vacation to celebrate this news. 

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Should make this fishing trip much more enjoyable.



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That is wonderful Chris, I am so happy for you.  You have been waiting a long time for a report like that.  I totally understand your guardedness.  When Bill gets a good report, we always say we have a little window where we can even take it off the back burner and throw it in the trash.  I think we are on guard because we want to be prepared and don't want to take what we have for granted.  Enjoy your great news and what a great way to celebrate,

Have a fishing good time,


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Posts: 175
Joined: Oct 2010

I want to thank you all for the kind words, it means a lot to me, i cant wait to be on the river bank with my man, been a long time coming and we both need this time together, cancer will never define me Jeff, i move forward, and take one day at a time! 007 hit the river and enjoy God's green goodness, its the best therapy ever. Again, many thanks to you all!

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