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Starting LoDose Naltrexone

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Hi Ladies!  Checking in...I know it's been a little while.  I am doing well.  My last CT scan was clear, but I opted to continue with the Avastin thru one more CT scan cycle just to be on the safe side.  My onc went out on maternity leave and the covering onc is very nice and definitely in support of my taking a break from treatment.  My naturopathic oncologist is also suggesting the time is coming and wants me to give my arteries time to recover now.  After being on chemo for almost two and half years...it is a little scarey actually.  My nat/onc has also started me on LDN (low dose naltrexone) as a safety net.  She sent me an hour long documentary on it, and it is very impressive.  Made me feel like I would still have some credible protection in the absense of Avastin.  Has anyone else tried it?  I have been on it for a couple of weeks and no side effects or trouble taking it. 

Otherwise all is well.  Took my son and grandsons to Kauai last month and had so much fun.  Also went up to our condo in Lake Tahoe for the first time in two years and plan to go back inOctober for my birthday.  Life is good.  I am still walking and have recently started going back to the gym a couple days a week.  We continue to watch our diet and eat organic.  Do as much as I reasonably can and still enjoy life.  Spend a lot of time in my garden.

Send prayers for all of you daily and wish all of you well on our collective healing journey!  Hugs! - Helen  

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And best wishes continuing to enjoy life. 

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Helen, it is so nice to hear from you and that you are enjoying life!  

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Helen, Thanks for checking in. So  happy to hear that you have such a wonderful life in spite of cancer! Enjoy your break from the treatments (when that happens) and I pray that you continue to get great news after your scan...

Love and Hugs,


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Your story is such an inspiration.  What a wonderful thing to finally be free of chemo!

I will also be starting LDN this week, and it's reassuring to hear that you are not experiencing any side effects from it.  It will be good to have someone to compare notes with on this.

So glad to hear that you got back up to Lake Tahoe.  I spent a lot of time up there for many years, and I find it a beautiful, healing place (as long as you stay away from the casinos!)  Wonderful places to walk and hike around there.

Best wishes to you!






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Thanks for posting, Helen.  It's so good to hear from the success stories.  It sounds as if the quality of your life is really good.  I am so happy for you.  Keep us updated on your treatment please!



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Your good wishes mean a lot.  We all need to keep each other going.  Hugs! - Helen

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