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no dairy diet

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H V G and panel,

I had dinner with a friend of mine in Sacramento Ca. last month and he is trying a no dairy diet and keeping his protein from meat at 10%. his PSA went from 8 to 2.1 over 3 months. he had testicular cancer 6 years ago and was hoping to control his PSA with this diet so I figured why not try it.Have anyone tried it? I go back to Dr. Dattoli in Sept.           daytona19

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There are many studies that correlate high milk/dairy consumption w/the risk of prostate cancer.  So, if your friend doesn't have PCa yet, his switch to a non-dairy diet may help to avoid it.  Calcium and protein are important components of dairy/milk products and they are the factors most notably associated w/the risk of prostate cancer.  

However, everyone needs some calcium and protein in his/her diet for one's general nutritional well-being but I don't think anyone knows exactly what amount of calcium and protein puts a particular person at greater risk for cancer.   So, some have opted for a vegan diet, which has its own dietary deficiencies, but does entirely eliminate dairy products and all non-vegetarian protein.  If you go that route, just be sure to take vitamin supplements, such as B12, D3 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are lacking in a vegan diet. 

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I've always eaten pretty healthy. A few years back I stopped eating dairy products and meat, except for some fish on occasion.

This is a heart healthy diet. My blood levels are excellent at this time.

A few wooks that talk about this eating Style are The China Study by T Colin Campbell and Eat to Live  by Joel Fuhrman.

About eight months ago a blood test determined that my B12 level was very low so I started taking B12  supplements.  Now my B12 level is on the high side.

As far as my D3   l eat mushroomd and tofu,  and,  I walk outside most days ( with sunscreen on) which gives some exposure to the Sun. I also take a D3 supplement. My D3 level within range.

Since I eat fishes such as salmon that contains Omega-3 I do not take any supplement

I do not have protein deficiency since vegetables in fact contain protein. I also eat lots of beans that contain protein.


I believe that eating this way may or may not be prostate healthy at this stage of my life, but I do believe that it is heart-healthy




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the only dairy I will eat is greek yoghurt and conjugated whey protein.  Both are ok for PC.  The following is about dairy;


     Whey can be a good protein supplement and studies at Mayo and J H have proven good for PC.  Any cancer will eat nutrients and rob the body of proper nutrition.  I recommend eating at least five times a day.  I am trying to put on mass and am eating up to 8 times a day, but that is very difficult, I usually can only make six meals a day, and that is not enough to gain weight.  I also eat copious supplements including BCAA.  

I believe that my diet, meditation, positive, loving atitude, strenuous exercise program, and drinking my urine are what has kept me alive for 40 months after being diagnosed with Stage 4 and massive bone matastases. I wonder at people who will accept massive doses of Chemo and Radiation without a second thought, but recoil about drinking urine. Note:  there is no clinical evidence that urine therapy has any value.  But, on the other hand, ask the people who do it.

Love, Swami Rakendra













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