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Bringing mom home

Rebekah Keller
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Hi All,

My mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer in March and is not given the option for stomach removal or chemo. They gave her a J tube, and when they did, they said that it looked like the insides of her abdomen were covered in sand. After being stabilized from her J tube surgery, they highly recommended that she transition to Hospice until they could get her meds in order. Hospice has aggreed to a date mid- next week to allow us to bring her home for care, but she has started complaining about more pain and pressure in her abdomen, which they say is a sign of progression.

My siblings are reticent to bring her home now saying that we don't want to do more harm than good, but if my mom wants to come home- what worse harm can happen?

Will someone please tell me the right move here? I have a million siblings and only want to pick a battle worth picking.

Should I stand firmly on bringing her home? Any advice and experience would be greatly valued.

Thank you.

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Caring for a parent can be complex and more complicate when siblings are involved and there are conflicting opinions. Calling a family meeting is one options family try to talk things through and get on the same page. You can develop a care plan together. Asking for a professional assessment from a doctor or hospice and sharing the report with your siblings can also be done. The Family Caregiver Alliance has a lot of information and resources on their website which may be useful to check out. Right now would be a good time to get in place or revisit legal documents like your mom's durable power of attorney.

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