Migraines after craniectomy olgo stage II

Hsimp Member Posts: 2

I am an oligodendroglioma grade II survivor, 88% was removed in 2011, the 12% that remains is inoperable. It was and is a right frontal lobe tumor. I was diagnosed @ 27, and am now only 32 and still have a lot to live for.  My oncologist doesn't want to do chemo or radiation, until it shows signs of regrowth. Tuesday is my 5th year cancer free. However since the surgery I have had daily migraines and horrible headaches. there isn't any form of medication I have not tried. I have a little bit of left side weakness and become unbalanced easily. i have extreme moodiness and my personality was changed due to the location of my tumor. 

     I'm just curious if there is anyone out there, that has suffered with migraines or  severe headaches? If so, what have they done about it? Has anything helped them? Sadly I have been also getting botox for my migraines for over a year now, and I fall into the category where the botox isn't going to work for me until after receiving it for over 2 years. Like many cancer survivors, I'm just coming to my wits end with dealing with this pain on a daily basis. My oncologist believes the pain should have gone away by now, and I feel he doesn't believe me. But  it continues to just get worse. I don't know if anyone else has had severe head pain, after their surgery. I just need anything or any type of advise anyone can offer.