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Were these your cervical cancer symptoms as well?

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Hi everyone,

I had a miscarriage in December so didn't pay much attention to my periods being longer and heavier and clottier than usually. Having been pregnant for almost 3 months, the urge to urinate didn't seem too outlandish either. This cycle though, I never stopped bleeding (21 days now), and 9 days ago, a horribly foul-smelling brown discharge started. I had been complaining for 2-3 months of constant fatigue and fogginess and unexplained leg and low back pain, which are much worse than the pelvic pain, which is more dull and feels more like I'm so bloated that I'm going to explode.

I had an abnormal pap back in 1999, but was told that further tests showed not to be concerned. I haven't had regular screening since. I'm waiting for the results of the one I had on Thursday. The wait feels so long, with all the "what ifs".

Thanks for listening,


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K - everyone has different symptoms, and the PAP is good test for cervical cancer.  I would suggest you give your doctor a call and see if they can help figure out what is going on.  I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope they can help you figure out what is going on.

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