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chemo side efffects?

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Startinting chemo not to long. Maybe sooner than I really want to. Wondering how the treatments have effected you guys.  I will be taking taxol and carboplatin.  Do you think I will be able to work? 

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to the Taxol/Carboplatin. I worked throughout the 6 chemo cycles I received and -other than the time I had to take off for my treatment- I missed one day due to feeling fatigued after chemo #6. I have neuropathy in my toes on both feet and the Taxol caused severe lower back pain. I received epidural injections which rid me of my suffering. I occasionally had break through vomiting. Lost weight as I had no appetite and food tasted metallic.

I hope it goes well for you!



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the kind of work you do probably makes a difference.  I was recently retired so it wasn't an issue with me.  I had been nursing supervisor in a fast paced setting so I was on my feet and running most of the time.  I don't think I could have done it in the later cycles when I became so anemic.  One set of stairs in my home and short walks outside left me short of breath.  Most of us had difficult days soon after each treatment.  Mine were days 3-5.  I also had no appetite and lost 5 or 6 pounds each cycle.  No nausea.  Mild neuropathy in my toes.  I got off pretty easy compared to some here.  All in all, it wasn't as bad as I expected so don't worry too much.

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