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Apologies if this is too off topic...SSDI Questions?

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Hi all, as you know I'm early stage 4 Pca and begin chemo & Lupron next week. I still have great energy considering everything going on and still have my full time job as a candy making machine operator.  I have read on the government SSDI site that stage 4 PCa that has metas elsewhere automatically qualifies for SSDI. (I have small metas to hips and 3 lymph nodes)  I am a level headed guy and don't want to just jump on the disability bandwagon until I need it. I like my job and am going to try my hardest to keep it during HT and Chemo. However, I have no idea how badly the chemo and Lupron are going to affect me. So far, 3 days of Bicalutimide (Casodex) has been no big deal.

Anyone know how much of a fight SSDI will give me for this if I need it, and do doctors do the compassionate allowance forms for early stage 4 PCa? 

If this is the wrong board, please let me know where to post so I can do it properly. Thank You.


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Well, I guess this isn't a topic many know about or want to touch. I did get an answer from my oncologist and she said with lymph and bone mets, I'm probably there. Of course, the government will fight some. Even blind people often get rejected the first time. I guess I'll see how HT & Chemo goes and go from there. 

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Is your doctor in a hospital setting, if so contact the social worker...... Best wishes 

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In my opinion, any question that involves living with prostate cancer is reasonable here.

I used to work as a vendor for the SSA (Social Security Administration). I am NOT an SSA employ, and I am NOT an expert regarding their policies. But I did work for years in their offices, and in their local Appeals Court. 

If I were you, and if Stage 4 PCa qualifies for Disability, I would apply.  You more than deserve it.   I hope you receive it. You have enough misery and pain to deal with in oter asppects of your life.

My impressions while working there were that the front desk clerks are universally jerks, and that most initial; claims are rejected.  Not because they are bad claims, but because they hope claimants will go away and leave them alone.  Many claims require an APPEAL. This often involves the claimant hiring a SSI attorney, but this is not manditory.  If you hire a lawyer, he will take a percentage of your benefits, but this might be a reasonable amount (similiar to Personal Injury lawyers taking a cut of insurance settlements).

I hope you do this, and I hope it is easy for you, although from what I wittnessed, it usually isn't.


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Since I am still a early regional stage 4 and not a distant / late stage 4, I want to try working thru this first round of treatment with Casodex, Lupron and Docetaxel chemo and see how it goes. If I find I can't do it, I'll have to quit my job and apply. We'll see. Thanks for the info.

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