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Cemo does not work!!!!!

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My Husband has Muliple Myeloma, he got it from Agent Orange in Viet Nam. I joined the dicusstion group for one reason and that reason is  to tell Cemo and Radiation do not work. There have been cures for Cancer since the 1920s. My husband was on that posison for 4 years did he get any better NO. This last year his cancer doctor told us if he did not go back on cemo he would be dead in 2 months. I asked how she slept at night putting all the these poor pepole on a cocktail of crap that they know does not work and in fact it causes cancer. We have all been lied to by Big Pharma for so long to use there drugs it was the only yes its the only way they can make there money and our doctors get a kick back from each one he puts opn cemo.  So I researched and read and read . Please believe me there is a natural way to cure cancer and everything else. my husbands Myeloma has under control for one year now. I am going to give you some information for you to see what i'm trying to tell you is true. you know what just got to you tube and just type in cancer cures, asnd also death by medicine by gary null, and big pharma consperisy, also look at the videos from  DR John Bergman .once you watch and listen you will see how we are being used. The # 1 killer in america is  DOCTOR REALTED MEDICAL CARE OUR DEAR DOCTORS KILL 800,00,00 PEPOLE EVERY YEAR.  WHAT WORKED FOR MY HUSBAND ID IS 35% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 4 DROPS IN FILTERED WATER 3 TIMES PER DAY AND EATING ONLY ORGANIC FOODS. THE BAD THING IS HE IS STILL SUFFERING THE SIDE EFFECTS FORM THE CEMO THAT NO CAN REVERSE. 

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