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Talked to my doctor and need your opinion

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So I said this before but I was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine cancer.  Im still trying to figure out all the other terminalogy that goes with it.   After looking at my pathology report,  it looks like endometriod afenocarcinoma. It mentions grade 2-3 in part of the pathology report and grade 3 in another part.  I need to ask my doctor to know for sure I guess.  Any ways I know it didnt spread to my lymph nodes or any other organ.  Any ways I talked to my radiation dr. on the phone today.  He had talked to a group of oncoligists.  He said 6 medical oncoligists and 3 radiation oncoligysts.  He said they all talked about my cancer and decided that 3 to 6 treatments of chemotheropy would be the best thing for me.  Then 3 doses of internal radiation after that.  Now of cource mt gynocalogical oncologist said differntely.  Im wondering if any of you have had stage two cancer and what the treatments were for you.  Im trying to make a decission that is best for me.

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This was my diagnosis with cancer in both my uterus and cervix. After surgery I did have 6 chemo treatments and then 3 brachytherapy treatments. I originally was receiving a combo of Taxol and Carboplatin. After my third treatment we needed to change from Taxol to Taxotere due to increasing Peripheral Neuropathy. If your diagnosis is grade 3, I would be afraid not to do chemo. There are a lot of adjuvant therapies that are being recommended now, like Metformin, that can augment your chemo but I would be very reluctant to take a wait and see approach. If a reoccurrence happens it is much more difficult to treat. As in most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Love and hugs, Sandy

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Right on Sandy! For me, it would have been harder to not have treatment and then start second guessing every little ache or pain.

I am stage 1A Grade 3. And I also had carbo/taxol and brachytherapy. 

Everyone has to decide what is best for them. I just know for myself, looking over my shoulder wasn't going to give me the quality of life that I want to have. I'm still building my strength but am very happy with my decision to have both treatments.

Love and Hugs,


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Can I ask you two or any one that know what brachytherapy is?

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Hi Janaes!  Brachytherapy is just  the turm used for internal radiation.  I had five of these for UPSC 1a,grade 3.  It was the easiest part for me.  You can ask any or all of us anything.  The radiation wand is inserted vaginaly, the radiation goes on for different times and stregnth for different people, but for me it was like five minutes.  Some have side effects, I didn't.  Let us know if you have any questions!  Best, Debra(Jo)

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I'm Stage II, Grade 3 UPSC and made it through three chemos.  Hopefully my gyno/oncologist got it all when he did surgery and if he didn't, one of those d*mn chemos did!!  He wanted me to have six chemos but the reaction was too bad.  He did not recommend any kind of radiation unless it returns.



Best of luck to you.

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what tyoe of reaction did you have to the chemo?

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Terry, if you look at all the possible side effects of Carboplatin and Taxotere and cross off mouth sores and death, it's a list of the reactions I had including losing my finger and toenails.  I went into the first stage of liver failure and from my symptoms, my GP thinks I may have had a slight stroke from bleeding into my brain.  On the day of my third chemo my BP was 220/170 and they still gave me the chemo.  As my GP told me, my oncologist was going to kill the cancer at all costs but in the process, he was killing ME.  I was collateral damage.  I just finished eight weeks of physical therapy to strengthen my left side and get my balance back - that was after six weeks at the wound care clinic trying to get my infected port site healed.  I'm getting better but have had a few setbacks.  I've found I need to really pace myself and get enough sleep.  When I'm tired, my body just doesn't work right anymore.  I still have some significant digestive problems but, again, they're getting better.  I tried to go back to work full time but I'm back to part time.  My feet are still numb especially the left one - I can't wiggle those toes either.  My fingers are better too and I don't drop things so much.  I was ambidextrous but not anymore.

The good news is that most women don't have anywhere near those reactions - some have NONE!!!

If the cancer comes back, it comes back but I will not have chemo again.



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I have Grade 3 Carcinoma Sarcoma Uterine Cancer, Stage 3 C1 which had spread to 1 lymph node.  On April 8, 2011, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy with the uterus, tubes, ovaries, cervix removed including the Omentum.  I started chemotherapy treatment with Carboplatin / Paclitaxel on May 6, for 6 treatments every 21 days at the Cancer Center. 

That was almost 5 years ago.  


Personally I would do the chemo and no radiation but that is what my dr recommended to me.  She said there was no evidence that after the cancer had been removed from the body that radiation to the whole pelvic area stopped the cancer from returning because everything had been removed there was no one place to send the radiation to.  There are more side effects from radiation to the whole area then benefits.  Again this is my doctor advising me.



Chemo was not that bad for me, I went through it, lost my hair but it grown back.  If I had to do it over I would do the same.  Best of luck to you and making the decision that is best for you. trish

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I was given the option to have brachytherapy even though all my female parts were removed with clean margins. Once you radiate a part of your body it is my understanding that you can't radiate it again. I figured it was best NOT to radiate healthy tissue. I am quite skeptical of how effective radiation is. It causes such permanent damage that I decided that my quality of life was important to me and I wasn't willing to risk that with the long lasting effects of chemo. I saw a radiologist early on and he told me that to kill the cancer in my peritoneal wash, he would have to destroy my urinary bladder, my colon and my stomach. Ah-no- life as a pained cripple just didn't sit well with me.

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i don't think you mentioned that your Cancer was UPSC did you. Of course you know that Different Cancer types are prescribed different treatment Protocols. My advice is Don't Do Anything unless you fully understand the rationale. Good luck. 

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