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cancer in lymph nodes

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My husband had 4 cancers removed from his right lymph nodes in his neck. Pet scan showed no other signs of cancer anywhere in his body..endoscopy showed none in lungs,esophogus,throat, mouth, tongue or any other place,,,,,however there are still a few cells in upper right lymph nodes.He is 78 yrs. old,2 heart attacks,2 systemic strokes, alzheimers, macular degeneration in both eyes(almost blind) barretts syndrome, and been exposed to agent orange.Drs. suggested chemo and radiation for 5 days a week ,for 6 weeks. we elected for radiation only in the neck area where the cancer is showing.......any other suggestions or ideas.....PLEASE?

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Betty, you have a heavy burden to carry and I am so very sorry that you must carry it.  Were the doctor's supportive of the radiation therapy only?  I would think with his medical history that chemo would be very difficult for him to tolerate.  Ultimately, you are the person who knows and loves Bud the most and the decisions you make for him are made out of love.  Love is never wrong. 

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Which type of lymphoma is it? There are basically B and T cell lymphomas, with the B-cell being much more common. And then, there are sub-types which behave differently and may need slightly different treatment. 

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