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Post radiation blood clot and rectal bleeding prevent treatment.

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Last year my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage ll-lll. She went through radiation therapy course without a problem (no surgery). A few months ago she got a post radiation side affect as a rectal bleeding and a month after she got a blood clot in her leg. She was taking blood thinners for a month which made her bleed even more. She had to stop. Now the cancer went into her lymph nodes and shutting down her right kidney. The doctor said he can't radiate her lymph nodes or do chemotherapy b/c of the blood clot. It seems like she has no choice but to die. I am desperate to find a help. Does anyone know alternative way to get out of this circle?

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I'm sorry your mom is dealing with this.  I have no experience with these issues but wanted to let you know you are both in my prayers.  Hugs.

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