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I have been on Carbo-taxol for six months with minimal shrinkage of the six nodules in my lungs.  Has anyone had to take more than 6 treatments.  I was suppose to have chemo #9 today, but my platelets were too low.  Does anyone know how long you can take Carbo-taxol?  What other drugs can they use?  Thank you for any help you can give me.  I forgot to say I am also on 1500 mgs. of Metformin.  I have been on it for 2 months.


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genetic testing? I would think that after 6 months of the Taxol/Carboplatin combination, if effective, greater tumor shrinkage would have occurred. There are other chemo drugs that might prove more effective. Have you discussed other possible options with your doctor? I don't know how long you can remain on the Taxol/Carboplatin combination. The strength of each dosage I'm sure would make a difference.

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Lou Ann M
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I had 17 regular Taxol/Carbo treatment when I had a reaction to the Carbo and went to Doxil. The taxol/Carbo was working quite well for me though.  Doxil didn't work at all so we tried the Taxol/Carbo wih a desentizing program where the they ran the Carbo over 7 1/2 hrs. That work for 7 treatments when I had another reaction to the Carbo.  

There are a number of other chemo and drugs that aren't chemo out of There  besides the Taxol/Carbo, I have been on, Doxil, Topoteca, and Avastin(gave me a mild heart attack). Now we  are looking at what we will go to next.

Hugs and prayers , Lou Ann

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As you know, I had great success on metformin. But I also radically changed
my diet, lost 30 pounds and drink only purified water. You have to do more
than just the standard cancer treatments. You have to attack cancer on many fronts.
You have to find out what made your cancer appear in the first place and make it grow into
tumors and stop the source of the growth. Cancer grows in an environment that is conducive to its growth.

I would recommend you get a second opinion from a naturopath or integrative oncologist,
not another standard oncologist.

After I finished my 6 infusions of Taxol/Carbo, I still had 2cm of tumors left (on spleen and
outer rectum).  Sloan Kettering wanted to give me up to 4 more treatments but I refused-
they had no idea if it would do anything anyway. The doctors don't know.  That was June 2015- by August 2015,
I was NED, having only stayed on the metformin and 44 supplements I was taking.  When I had 88%
tumor shrinkage after 2 chemo infusions and one month on metformin, they told me they only
measure up to 20% shrinkage.  I guess that tells you their expectation. Chemo does not cure cancer.
Only your immune system does. And shrinking a tumor has nothing to do with survival.

Do you know your total tumor burden? You can calculate the surface area of each nodule by multiplying
the height and width of each nodule on the CT scan report. Once I was down to 2cm, Sloan even said it
wouldn't kill me. I agreed.

I would recommend you take a chemo break to rebuild your immune system. You have to be patient.
You have only been on metformin 2 months- I was on metformin 6 months before I was NED. You already had
low white blood counts while on chemo so they will only get lower.  It sounds like you should be taking some
immune boosting supplements. I can let you know what I take. Also, getting more chemo and different types
of chemo causes chemoresistance, which is why these chemos don't work because chemo doesn't kill
cancer stem cells, which are the source of new cancer. Luckily, metformin kills cancer stem cells. 

Also, Abbey is right. Have you had genomic testing on your tumors? It will give you much
more info - you need to know all your risk factors, even though gene mutations only account
for 5-10% of cancers. But most mutations are caused by your environment, your internal or
external environment. Most mutations are not inherited.


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How do I find a good naturopath?  Please give me the names of your supplements and the names of any books that will help me with a cancer diet.  Thank you so much!


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The first book I read that goes into detail about how supplements and diet can
increase the success of your treatment is called "Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients"
by Russell Blaylock. I use it for reference all the time.  I learned alot about what various
supplements  are for before I met with my integrative oncologist, so I better understood
what he was recommending. The book also talks about all types of chemotherapy.

I would also recommend "The Gene Therapy Plan" by Mitchell Gaynor. He was my
integrative oncologist. He disscusses many health issues and how diet and lifestyle
can change your genetic destiny. There are also recipes in the book.

As far as finding a naturopath or integrative doctor in your area, you should ask
your own oncologist or internist if they can recommend someone.  My integrative
oncologist was recommended to me by my gynecological oncologist. I didn't want
to go to someone that nobody was familiar with.  It is good to get a reference.

Another great book to read, that first started me on the road to exploring integrative
oncology is "Knockout" by Suzanne Somers.  She interviews a group of doctors who
are well known in integrative oncology for curing cancer. It is a fabulous book and
you'll learn alot about the cancer industry. Russell Blaylock was one of those doctors.

As far as supplements, don't just go out and buy alot of supplements and take them
before speaking with a doctor.  They will need to do blood tests to see where you are
defficient-everyone is defficient in different vitamins and minerals.  For the immune system,
I take medicinal mushrooms (you'll read about them in Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients.)
Supplements like Shitake, Chaga, Maitake-D fraction and Coriolus Versicolor. I took all these
while I was getting chemo and never got sick once and my blood counts never got too low.
One of the best supplements to take for cancer is curcurmin (Brand is Thorne - Meriva SR).
You have to take a certain formulation because it's not well absorbed by the body). Curcurmin
is made from turmeric, which is the yellow in curry. I purchase my supplements through a pharmacy.

Let me know if you need anything else.


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to Takingcontrol's very good suggestions, I would suggest checking out the website of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Here you can find a directory of naturopathic oncologists in your area.  https://oncanp.org/


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