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Vague pains

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For those of you who've been on this forum a long time:

The vague pains people get and worry that it's a new metastasis...do they usually turn out to be a metastasis or usually not? Is it that minds can be cruel, or is the intuition real? I'm stage 3 a few months out from chemo. I'm having vague right sided pain at my liver. I've felt it almost every day for a couple weeks. Last scan was on February. My blood tests are normal as of a couple days ago. Should i request an early CT? Next CT due in two months.


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Not as far done with things as others.  But I had my last scan the beginning of this month (May, 2016).  All clear 15 months out, and oncologist now spacing scans to every 6 months instead of 3 months.

A couple of days following the scan I started developing pain, pretty severe, in exactly the place where I had pain that started about two weeks prior to diagnosis. The pain was exactly the same spot as where the tumor was.  And it has come a couple of times.  But since scan and bloodwork was okay. I am trying not to worry too much.  


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I am a borderline hypocondriac. Well, not really, but I am the kind of person that if I think about having a pain, that pain will manifest. The mind is a powerful thing. 

I know that allot of Cancers cannot be felt until they reach a certain size, or are pressing on something else, invading a space that does not want to be invaded. When I had my 2cm tumour in my liver, I didn't feel a thing. Since my surgery, I can feel where it was. Wild! 

Do you find that you don't notice the pain when you are busy doing something? Do you feel the pain when you are relaxing or idle? Thats always a good indicator for me that my worrying is manifeting itslef in pain. 

When push comes to shove, always talk to your Doctor or Oncologist if you are at all worried. They may or may not order an early CT. They may order another liver function test. 

Good luck and keep us informed. 



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Hmm. For me it's been no pain or indication of the cancer or the mets. My pain has all been from treatment or side effects. I just found out this morning that the tummy problems I have every few months are related to my parathyroid tumour. Apparently having a very high calcium level can create some issues with the tummy from cramps to bloating. I'd assumed it was related to the surgery or my ostomy or something like that.


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I had achiness around my liver at times, and wondered if I was feeling the cancer or something. Turned out, I tend to lean to the right while on the laptop, so for me, it was about posture. I've never felt anything with or without the cancer in my liver....................................Dave

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