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hi everyone.  I recently ended up in the er with belly pain and came out with unknown cause but now own a 2.5 complex lesion saying possible for rcc.  Any advice would be good.  The er suggested mri or ct scan with contrast to confirm.  Positive for urine in blood.  wbc indicating no infection.  Weird thing on blood work red blood cell width high.  My urologist who is a friend took the scans to radioolgist and he said looks like a complex cyst but does t think malignancy is a concern.  Can you have a complex cyst without malignancy? The other caveat is I have had two brain surgeries for cushings removal of two tumors.  We have looked for carcinoma due to my flushing and other odd symptoms.  Thanks for the help and advice.  



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Can a compex cyst be malignant? The answer is yes and depends on its size and grade (for which you are given a % chance of malignancy).. Two suggestions. Get the CT with contrast and have your urologist friend refer you to a Urologist who specializes in Kidney Cancer (hopefully for diagnosis only). The good news is that at 2,5 cm you are looking at a full and complete recovery even if malignant. Let us know what happens.




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Thank you for your response.  I will follow up once I have my spot on June 1

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Mine was labeled as a complex cyst and was malignant....Bob the Blob was of similar size and removed via DaVinci robot.  Happy to report that was in Oct. 2012 and have been cancer free since.  The good news is that you've caught it early, if it is cancer and recurrence rates are very low, almost negliable.

I agree with Icemantoo, you might want to seek out the opinion of a urologic/oncologist.

I'll be praying for you, keep us posted,


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No one likes to hear possibility of cancer. But you've come to a good place. Will be here for you to answers questions or concerns.

Most Urologists who treat RCC (Renal cancer) need a CT with contrast to get more decisive information. Let us know what they learn and how we can be of help. It sounds like its small enough that it most likely will bestage I. I am stage I at 4.4 cm and cancer is all gone for 2.5 years now.

We'll walk this journey along side you if you like, Tammy!

Hugs, Jan

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As Icemantoo and Dona said، it is possible. Well، mine was also a complex cyst which turned out to be malignant. 22 months ago I was diagnosed via a CT scan and had neph, I've been cancer free since then.

Such a small tumor could be gone by neph, consider yourself a lucky survivor

Go for the best kidney cancer experienced urologist you can have.


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