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mrou50 Member Posts: 389

I am now on sick leave for the rest of the school year as I have started radiation on Monday.  I am living in the Portland area and my wife is still in Eastern Oregon (that sucks) but my team is hoping the radiation will shrink the big tumor and the rest as well.  After three days the only problems so far is fatigue and a little nausea, when I eat I just want to throw up.   My radiation specialist says that this is not common and I might be getting a bug of some kind, other than that I feel fine.  I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day this weekend.



  • Footstomper
    Footstomper Member Posts: 1,237

    As a school teacher myself, if found it impossible with the side effects to continue work. Apart from sickness at work I alse had side effects that made it impossible to create a stable atmosphere in my classroom. Although it was what I wanted and what the students wanted, it affected their education and my performance as a teacher. Eventually last November I retired. I should have done it 6 months earlier

  • hardo718
    hardo718 Member Posts: 853
    Fingers crossed

    for both of you guys.  You're both special people, and that's very apparent by your described love of teaching.

    I wish only the best for you both and Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.