Mom stage 4, now a high WBC

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My mom was diagnosed 10 years ago with lung cancer.  Lobectomy done in 2006, multiple times of chemo and radiaiton.

Now she is at stage 4 and basically terminal and they are trying some chemo again after Opvideo did not help.   After her first treatment with chemo (only doing a 1/2 dose as she is not strong enough for the full one) she needed a blood transufsion as her level was too low.  2nd treatment of chemo, recheck and her levels are ok. 

BUT..... now her WBC is elevated to 24.  Normal is 3 to 9 is what we were told.

We are waiting to hear from her oncologist tomorrow to see what it means and what they recommend.   In the meantime though I thought I would check here and see if anyone else had a similar sitatuation.

Any thoughts?