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My Mrs and research

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Ive posted here before that Mrs Stomper Phd is a researcher in Viral oncology. At a meeting at the National Institute of health today they were dicussing my cancer. A fellow researcher asked her if she had read his paper in Science (a VERY well respected, peer reviewed publication. The study discovered that cancerous mice being treated with drugs like Optiva/Nivo (Checkpoint inhibitors) do significantly better if given live yoghurt containing the Bifidus bacterium. Most but not all live yoghurts contain Bifidus

I would want to stress that this is research in the very early stages, hence the mice. But its well Kosher and respectable being published in peer reviewed 'Science'

Anyway ladies and gentlespoons get out and buy that yoghurt with bifidus!

Sometimes its good to be married to an oncologist:-)

The oncologist who wrote the paper and spoke to my wife, when he found out what drug I was on apparently said, "If I was him I'd be eating yoghurt every day"

So I will.

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And for those that don't like yogurt, you can take a probiotic that contains Bifidus. 

Thank you for posting this info, always interesting to read the latest in research.


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Best in yoghurt or some other living dairy culture, You can find it in some milk or milk products like keffir. Living is better than pills , pills are better than nothing. Remember this is very early stage research

Ana Kitano
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Here in Japan we have natto.…is soybean which is fermentant , content a good bacteria.…first i need to learn to eat it ,now i love it.…is great for my body.…thank you for share the information with us.…i love iaurt, i will try to eat it daily

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But the only bacteria they are talkig abouy is bifidus. I'm sure the other live bacteria are health full but I have no information about their effect on Cancer

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I think you can get liquid bifidus in the refridgerated section at health food stores for those that don't like yogurt. I am pretty sure you can actually purchase them. 

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LOL SBLAIRC..... Stonyfield yogurt organic, contains five live cultures.. One of them is Bifidus.

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