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A message for the MODS

Trubrit Member Posts: 5,521 **

Our friend and forum member lizard44 has been unable to post since the update a few weeks ago. 

She said she has sent an email to you, but wonders if that too has not been able to get through. 

Please can you try and work something out with her, as she needs the support this forum and its wonderful members have to offer; and of course, she herself has much to offer others. 

Thanking you in anticipation.



  • CSN_Simone
    CSN_Simone moderator Posts: 61
    I'll reach out to her Sue.

    I'll reach out to her Sue. Thanks for letting us know!



    CSN Support Team

  • Trubrit
    Trubrit Member Posts: 5,521 **
    Thank you!

    Much appreciated, Simone. Thanks for being there for us. 


  • lizard44
    lizard44 Member Posts: 409
    Thank you both.

    Problem has been resolved- I can post  again.