As They Say ... Side Matters (Left vs Right Side Colon Cancer)

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Seems that those in left side do better than right side.  I am right sided :(  But doctor told me my location was usually a good one in terms of position and prognois.


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    Rightie-Tightie; Leftie-Loosie

    Rightie-Tightie; Leftie-Loosie

    Mine was right side, at the transverse; tumor grew from one section, across the space and into the traverse section headed the other way.

    I was staged as a CC four in 2006.

    Studies are interesting but mean little in the total scope of things.

    We prepare for the worst and hope for the best; Where we end up is anyone's guess.

    Eat well, sleep well, and stay healthy.

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    Mine is both sides. I had a

    Mine is both sides. I had a section of my sigmoid colon removed as well as a right hemicolectomy.  9 yrs out from a stage 4 dx, I'm fine.

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    Would like to hear experiences using Avastin for medistatic colon cancer 

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    Hi Row_one

    Welcome to the forum.

    I think you will get more answers if you open up your own thread here

    We have many members who have been or are on Avastin.