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What other health issues do you have besides cancer?

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I got a call from my family doctor this morning and have to go see him because my results from the blood test I had recently showed my calcium levels are up again. It got me thinking about the other issues we have besides the cancer and I wonder what else some of you deal with.

I had that blood clot that made my life so much worse but even before the cancer I had a tumour on my parathyroid that causes high calcium levels in my blood. We've taken a wait and see attitude about it all this time but they're increasing just enough that they'd like to do surgery. I'm on blood thinners for life so that really complicates things. Previous to the cancer I was diagnosed with lupus. It's never flared up badly, thank God, but I have to get that checked on a regular basis, too. And, of course, I had IBS as long as I can remember. But not anymore with the ostomy. I've had my gallbladder out when I was younger and had to have a hysterectomy due to endometriosis. So basically, at this point, while I deal with cancer I also deal with lupus and parathyroidism. I also have some minor stuff like degenerative disc disease and sciatica. How about you?


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How about youuuuuuu

Sounds like lyrics from a 50s song....

So lesseee......

  • DX with cc#4 2006
  • Ileostomy/1' colon stapled shut and left in.
  • Blood clots/DVT(s)
  • Kidney/bladder stones
  • Operation to remove adhesion obstruction resulted in resection of 1/2 small intestine.
  • Resected section left in; rotting unused section caused infinite infections requiring future surgery.
  • Intestinal blockages due to adhesions/due to previous surgeries
  • Operations to remove sections of intestine to remove adhesion blockages
  • Hernias from surgeries
  • More surgery to remove adhesive blockage and removal of unused, rotting intestine, plus new ileostomy, opposite side.
  • Short bowel (only less than 1/2 small intestine and no colon; ileostomy)
  • Continual brink of dehydration; Daily PICC/IV Hydration mandatory/ 2liters min)
  • Continual brink of malnutrition
  • Lung flooding from hydration at too fast a rate
  • Misdiagnosis of water in lung as Pneumonia
  • Misapplication of an antibiotic for pneumonia that resulted in excessive bacterial growth
  • Bacteremia (blood infection) from misapplication of antibiotic
  • Rectal stump discharge; refusal of Gastroenterologist to provide scoping
  • New cancer in rectal stump since antibiotic, grown due to lack of scope DX
  • New cancer has invaded bladder and possibly prostate.
  • Surgery only if I conform to tumor board's suggestion to do chemo. The tumor is removable via surgery w/out chemo, per original surgeon, but new surgeon will not conflict with the tumor board..........

I refuse chemo. It is not necessary to remove the isolated but growing tumor and will not guarantee against cancer spread. All scans (CT, MRI, PET) indicate absolutely no cancer with exception to the tumor.

Unless the tumor is surgically removed, I will die when it grows and spreads.

I am now making use of Chinese herbal treatments to stop the growth, but I am doubtful they will have an effect on a tumor this size.

So....... Your problem again?


Be well kiddo', life's short.


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 There are a couple of spots on scan, but now 15 months out, oncologist is not concerned.  They are monitoring one other area.  Other than seasonal allergies, and needing to get back into a regular stretching and workout schedule, really pretty good health.

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Before my dad was diagnosed, he had no health issues, at all. He also never went to the doctor, but they were shocked a how "healthy" he was when he first went to an appointment after the diagnosis. The only thing he had was a solar ketosis on his arm that was removed 3 years before he was diagnosed. Nothing else... 

Now, after diagnosis, his issues have all been due to either the cancer or cancer treatments, but he bounces back really fast from each incident... There was a nurse coming to the house after his hospital stays and called him a medical anomaly. 

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I have had an underactive thyroid for many years, controlled by medication. 

All the other things are small and resulting from the chemo and radiatoin. 

Oh, my sciatic nerver plays up when I hit a certain weight. That is one very aggrivating pain in the butt. 


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Prior to cancer, I was pretty healthy but was hypothyroid for about 10 years, controlled with medication. Had a hysterectomy with my first cancer surgery just before turning 45, so instant menopause. Four surgeries and 56 rounds of chemo I now have an ostomy.  Two or three years ago I was diagnosed with chronic myleogenous leukemia (CML) that's well controlled with medication and my oncologist says not life threatening.  I have a stoma hernia now that I probably need to get checked.  I have a degenerative disc and osteoarthritis as well. I have ostepenia (pre-osteporosis) that they say was not caused by chemo, but I suspect it was.  Oh, and I just found out that I have a lovely (ha, ha!) skin condition that post-menopausal women with thyroid issues get.  Sigh.  Other tha that, I'm fine.  lol

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I would like to know what your post-menopausal skin condition is, as I am now in that catagory and also have hypothyroidism.  PM me if you would. 


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Was born with a lazy eye [Pop said he was rattled when he first held me and only one eye was looking back], had training to learn to coordinate my vision. Had Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease show up at puberty [A Muscular Dystrophy, it affected my feet and ankles], had some orthopedic surgeries, need another. Only issue from cancer and treatment is a hernia and muscle wall weakness on the right side [looks like I swallowed a newborn or had a vestigial twin] hoping for mesh surgery at some point. Everything I got runs in the family, my son is annoyed [he got the feet] that I'm passing these messed-up genes along, I'm blaming it on love and his mother's seductiveness.................................Dave

Cathleen Mary
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I consider myself healthy but reading my medical history one might not agree.  I had cardiac surgery at 25 for previously undiagnosed coartation of the aorta and have residual hypertension. Since one Congential abnormality usually breeds another, I had surgery in my 30s for Congential bowel adhesions. In my 40s, a DVT and a Pulminary embolus. Of course, colon cancer at 60 and a lacunar stroke a year ago at 65. All things considered, I feel well, work FT, and count my blessings.


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