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going Veggie and Conjugated Whey Protein

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  I have given up fish and shrimp and am now pure Veggie.  There are two reasons for this.  First, fish and shrimp are now raised in pens commercially and fed only God knows what.  Also mercury levels are high.  Secondly, it is a higher conscious decision to choose not to eat any kind of living animal.  I believe that for me, making the highest spiritual decisions that are available to me is my only possible choice.

       But then, what am I going to do about protein and getting enough food volume?  I have not taken any kind of dairy except cheese and yoghurt for more than 50 years.  So, being  a body builder who used to take  more than200 grams of protein a day, I had to find a protein source, and for me that was conjugated whey protein. After I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, I did research on the effects of whey on cancer.  To my surprise, my research indicated whey was good for cancer.




   As whey is a by product of milk, and I am against dairy, I researched a lot before adding conjugatedtwhey to my diet.  For those who are cutting down on meat and fish and need a protein source, you might check out conjugated whey.

     I need to eat at least six times a day to keep what little bulk I have left.  Eliminating fish makes getting enough food in my body from veggies and fruit and grain a problem.  Then I found this product.


   This is an amazing  product.  I can make easy smoothies, but best of all, I can simply cut up my raw veggies and fruit and process them here in just a few seconds.  I do not have to cook at all, and it gives me a lot of nutrition that I can simply drink.  And I am getting the whole plant or fruit.  I use this product many times a day and eat every two hours.  I also get up at midnight every night for a whey smoothie (and to pee, LOL) If you are making whey smoothies, be sure to add at least ½ cup of raw oatmeal to the smoothie.  High protein also must have carbs with it.  I also eat almonds with this as well.

    As far as eating meat, I often say, People who do not eat meat do not look like people who eat meat. And also, if you eat meat you are going to look like the animal you eat.  The chemicals, growth hormones and all the injections and crap in the meat will make you look bloated and large, just like the animal.  And it is very difficult to get that kind of toxin out of your system.

Love, Swami Rakendra






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I am not a vegan and never will be.  Don't find any moral imperative to be one but accept everyone's right to choose what/how they eat.  That said, it's well known that there are certain vitamin deficiencies associated w/a vegan diet that your veggie/whey diet may not address.

What ever you do, you should make sure that you are getting the proper amounts of B12, zinc and iron in your diet, which are commonly mentioned as being deficient in vegan diets.  There are lots of articles on the Net about this issue.

Good luck w/you new diet!


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Thanks for the post and the heads up.  I also take about 60 supplement pills a day.  You are correct about Vitmain B 12. Here is some information about that:


I also agree with your decision to eat meat.  Spiiritually, everyone is exactly where they need to be for their own spiritual growth.  Regardless of where you are on the spiritual ladder, that is the perfect place for you to be to get the spiritual lessons you need.  No one is "better" than anyone else when it comes to spirituality.  Everyone is the same - exactly where they need to be for their own particular lessons.  http://csn.cancer.org/node/263139  I explain this more fully in this post.  Love, Swami rakendra


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since I eat fish on some occasions I am not a vegetarian. I do not eat red meat, fowl or any dairy. I also avoid sugar or artificial sweetener. I exercise an hour to an hour and a half a day.

6 months ago my B12 level was tested and it showed to be very low so for the last 6 months I have taken 1000 MCG of B12 on a daily basis. The level was just retested and my B12 level is on the high side so now I am taking a thousand MCG every other day.

Resulting from this lifestyle my cholesterol and LDL levels are very low while my HDL number is high.  My weight is within the normal range.

I've read that vegetables and fruits unlike Meats are nutrient-rich and also contain protein;  that is the fallacy that a vegan diet does not contain sufficient protein. There is a book Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman that discusses this subject in detail. I suggest that you may wish to read this book. Another book that I recommend is The China Study by T Colin Campbell that also discusses the benefits of a vegan based diet based on an international study that was done among the population of the Chinese mainly emphasizing rural towns.

To add, I only take two different vitamins; b12 & d-3







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Wild-caught fish tends to be healthier and even within this group there are better choices (Alaska salmon, Alaska halibut, albacore tuna to mention a few) and worse choices (bluefin tuna etc).

Farmed fish and farmed shrimp tend to have higher levels of mercury and other toxins.

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Hi, While you have a good approach, I think you are taking the matter too drastically. I think I read somewhre that pollutant levels are found to quie low and the fish can be consumed from most sources. Moreover, There are other alternative sources like fresh water and fish farms that can be used for your consumption. In adittion to this, the problem of b12 deficiency still lingers with pure vegan diets. I myself would do a diet in somewhere between the two extremes. I recommend this to my reader at : Exercisen.

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Just a few caveats from a vegetarian turned vegan turned pescetarian vegan turned whateverarian now. NO GMO Genetically modified. Its not that it will harm you... The genetic modification is faster growth cycle with greater yield. This results in very low nutrient and mineral absorption by the plant leaving it void of important nutritional value... sort of Cream of Plastic, or Steelcut Styrofoam, if you will.  This may be a boon for third world scarce resource communities, but for a prosperous nation like this, it is increasing profit but not delivering the product to the consumer.

I don't eat ANY processed or red meat or pork because of the additives and hormones, but one more important point. Have you ever been to or seen a video of slaughterhouses? The cruelty is gruesome and I am not going to describe the killing methods, but they TRAUMATIZE the animal AS IT IS BEING KILLED. The strange result is that the fight or flight fear and trauma response sends emergency hormones into the animals body. There they remain because the heart stops pumping after this traumatic death. When we eat those animals we consume those hormones and the chemical is common to cattle, swine and humans. In case you wonder why we are such an enraged society, always on a short fuse to violent emotions, it is very likely that we are taking in large amounts of adrenaline and other trauma hormones when we eat animal flesh and our body is experiencing the accompanying response EVEN THOUGH WE ARE NOT IN A TRAUMATIC CRISIS. AND, our bodies are only meant to experience that emergency hormonal response for very SHORT bursts to escape the crisis, but with our diet we are putting our bodies through a constant crisis mode which can wear out functions.

Getting the picture?

This is why the Bible and Jewish culture does kosher butchering. In kosher killing, you cut the vein and let the animal bleed out. This keeps the animal from experiencing severe trauma, but also what little trauma hormones are emitted, they do not circulate through the flesh of the animal through the bloodstream as it is being bled out.

So if you insist on cow or swine or lamb or whatever, I would 1) Raise or hunt your own to avoid additives. One dietician said that "preservatives" do not "preserve" ANYTHING. That is a misnomer because they are in fact REPELLANTS. They repel organisms like bacteria and mold by making the food inhospitable to the micro organisms. Think "OFF" insect repellant, and you have an idea what "preservatives" actually are.

THEN you should go all ORGANIC. Traces of glyphosate are showing up in ordinary  products like crackers, bread, etc. Monsanto made glyphosate as a weed killer, but they discovered a new use for it. Killing the crop plants. Why? Because they found that killing the crop plants will speed up the plants' cycle of reproduction. When the plant is killed prematurely, it sends all its final burst of living energy to its reproduction, meaning the wheat kernels, or the seeds, or whatever. So they can get two or more growth cycles in one growing season, greatly increasing yield for that season.

Not to mention herbicide and insecticide residue left on plants. You can hope your root vegetables are OK since they are underground, but what if the rain washes the residue off the plant into the soil where it gets absorbed by the roots?

Monsanto of course claims glyphosate is not detrimental to humans or animals. That's fine if I am using Roundup on the weeds in my driveway, but I STILL don't want to eat it. 

And if its made in, grown in, or farm raised in China, dont put it in your mouth, throw it away.

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Hello Rakendra


This is an interesting post.  I am not a vegetarian in any way but have read The China Study and a few other diet references.  There is certainly a lot of good science and some confusion but there does seem to be some common threads between heavy dairy, meat eating, calcium and body weight as possible contributors to prostate cancer.  For myself as a recent member of the club waiting on treatments I can say for me that if any of the above are true I am the posterboy for doing all of the above and now being where I am at.  Be that as it may I'm sure you are familiar with Dave Draper.  His Bomber Blend is in my opinion very clean and high quality.  It is a bit of a meal replacement not just Whey protein.  I actually mix it 50-50 with your reference to Optimim Nutrition Gold Standard Whey.  I was using almond milk and water but now just water in case there is anything to the calcium/cancer debate.  I have been using this stuff for a few years not just since my diagnosis.  Suggest looking into this for anyone who decides they want a good load of clean protein.  Great meal replacement also.         


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I found this website while looking into various aspects surrounding cancer. My mother has lung cancer - but then, she has smoked most of her life. However, many cancers appear to be related to lifestyle.

I was, however, brought up vegetarian, and have never eaten meat. There are now many studies linking aminal protein to cancers and other diseases, so I guess avoiding them as much as possible is the best way forward.

People assume that unless you are consuming animal protein, then you are not getting enough. This is totally incorrect. The key is eating combinations of plant based foods to reach your protein requirements. 

Unless you are engaging in heavy resistance based exercise, or are a highly active individual, protein requirements won't actually be that high. There is a calculator online which shows how much protein should be consumed, and also describes complete an incomplete proteins. There is a link to another site where you can enter the food source, and if it is not a complete protein, will recommend other foods that will compliment the amino acid profile.

It should be possible to hit your protein needs without supplementation, to be honest. And can all be done on plant based diet, therefore reducing risks of cancer.

Hope this is helpful

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Well made point and the calculator is helpful

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Really i am getting the wonderful informaiton from you guys. Even i <Content removed by CSN Support Team> then i did not get this much from him. Thank a lot.

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I don't eat ANY processed or red meat or pork because of the additives and hormones, but one more important point. Have you ever been to or seen a video or app of slaughterhouses? The cruelty is gruesome and I am not going to describe the killing methods, but they trumatize the animal

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It is a bit of a meal replacement not just Whey protein.  I actually mix it 50-50 with your reference to Optimim Nutrition Gold Standard Whey cmadroit.


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