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Hi everyone

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It has been awhile since I have been on here to let you know how I am doing.  In Nov last year I fell and tore ACL complete tear in my knee, well a lot of therapy never helped, and doc injected Synvisc one in knee 3 months ago and it helped with pain some but not a lot.  He said he would have to do surgery at some time and I have opt for winter to do knee replacement.  My sister had shoulder surgery in Feb and came so close to leaving from here.  Her Doc never done lung clearance on her and she asked him twice if she didnt need that done and told her no that guys who put her to sleep would handle that.  Her lungs are pretty bad I know and this Doc even done surgery in surgery center.  Two days late she went to er couldnt breathe well , gave her shot antibiotics, and sent her home.  Next morn her husband call ems to come get her she coldnt breathe or walk.  ER doc immediately put her on life support which she stay on for 6 days.  Many days I would sit there and pray and pray, and thinking I may never talk to her again.  Jesus pulled her out of this from so many praying for her.  She is better but still weak 3 months later.  I had biopsy of thyroid tumors and Doc dishonest with me on the pathology. Said everything ok, and I got a copy and it read specimen not satisfactory for evaluation. SO I call him ask him where he got his report from and he lied to me again.  Trying now to get in with another endocrinologist.  Got new oncologist that Ireally do like.  DOne colonoscopy and EGD 2 weeks ago found 3 pre cancerous polyps and stomach very red but path on those was good.  Have ct scan next month on kidney for my year scan.  So I have thought about you all and prayed for you all and i have checked in on you.  Just a busy time with all that has been going on.  I dont feel good still a lot of pain in my joints, still  on pain meds which I do not like, but pain so bad cant go very long without them.  My grandson graduates from high school at end of month YAY!!  So proud of him!  And had no vacations last year due to me and hubby health but plan on going to Florida June 1.   We just celebrated our 43rd Wedding Anniversary!!!   Hope all is well with you all   LOve you Sue

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That must have been so scary with your sister. I can’t believe they didn’t do a lung test on her, considering she has lung cancer. Amazing level of incompetence. I’m so glad she’s better now. I agree it’s time for a new endocrinologist for you. What is it with these doctors? Hope your knee improves; it’s such a slow process. I tore my meniscus five years ago and it took months for it to heal. Was on crutches for ages. Wishing you and your sister the best!


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I dumped mine. He ordered test after test for no reason. Told me I had the bone density of a postmenapausal woman. Could never express an opinion, or diagnose a symptom, or write a prescription without leaving the room. He either had the worlds weakest bladder or was some organ grinders monkey, in which case I'd much rather meet the organ grinder. He said I had weak bones because of the number of broken bones I'd had in my  lifetime: Broken nose, teeth, cheek, Ribs and arm. I told him and maintain that was a perfectly reasonable result from riding a motorcycle around London.

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way too much going on Brea. You are this sites multitasker extrodinaire. Please keep your sanity. Or not. Which ever works.

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Good to hear from you, Brea. Sorry for all you and your sister are going through=enuff!!

Ask your orthopedic if you could try RX Diclofenac. It is a 12 release anti-inflammatory (like Ibruprofin/Advil) but stronger. If you take two you have coverage for 12 hours. Sometimes you need a 2nd med for break through pain during that 12 hour time. It has saved those in my family who all have knee replacement/arthritis type issues.

BUT you  cannot take it if you only have 1 kidney, do you? That is why I  can no longer take it.. miss it alot. Look for foods and diet that helps to eliminate inflammation too.

You will remain in my thoughts and prayers hon


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So sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she continues to improve. Also wish you well on your knee.

And congrats on 43 years and the grandson finishing school. Glad to hear it.

Take care,


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   Congrats on 43 years of marriage, these days that is amazing! Praying your pain lessens drastically and that your sister continues to improve with each passing minute! So great to here from you, and have a terrific time in Florida!

     Love and prayers for good health for us all!


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Easy to understand why you have not been around lately.  Im hoping things start looking up for you and for your sister.  Come back and let us know how things are working out.  Looking forward to good news, take care!

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Happy Anniversary! I remember last year was rough, but this year go and have fun in Florida!  Prayers for your sister and that you do better as well! xxoo

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