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We need a surgeon willing to do a lobectomy.

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A recent CT scan found 35 ground glass opacity (GGO) nodules   in all lobes of my wife’s lungs. Most of the nodules are tiny, around 3mm, but there was one in the right, lower lung that was 1.6 cm. They did a needle biopsy on that one and the result was: “Well differentiated adenocarcinoma, predominantly acinar and focally lepidic.” Next, they did a PET scan and the only nodule that lighted up was the one they did the biopsy on. None of the other nodules lighted up. So, my wife’s oncologist told her she was Stage One, instead of Stage Four which is what was suspected before the PET scan. My wife wants to have a lobectomy and her oncologist had to go before a review board of three surgeons to see if one of them would do it. I never heard of this kind of review committee before, but it appears most of the major cancer centers are now owned by universities and they have certain procedures to go through. Anyway, our oncologist told us the surgeons basically laughed at her. Two of the surgeons told her that with so many GGO’s they would not do a lobectomy. However, the third surgeon at the review said she would do a wedge resection. My wife’s oncologist now wants to try them again, and wants my wife to have another needle biopsy of one of the smaller nodules to prove that there are no other nodules with cancer, but I have two concerns. One is that the other nodules are so small I’m not sure they could even do a needle biopsy. My other concern is that it appears the ontologies only wants the other needle biopsy so she could make a stronger argument for doing the lobectomy, even though she tells us there is no chance the board will change their mind. So, I simple don’t know why we should put my wife through another needle biopsy. I have read in the past that others in this group with multiple GGO’s throughout their lungs have found surgeons to do a lobectomy. We live in the San Diego, California area, but are willing to go anywhere to have this done. If you could share any information about any surgeon who might do a lobectomy on my wife that would be greatly appreciated. The bottom line is that my wife wants the cancer gone and she wants the lobectomy and not a wedge resection.



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Dr. Gyu Gang did my lobectomy last June. He does a lot of them and he is GOOD!

Western Cardiothoracic Surgeons

1840 South Alma School

Suite 108

Mesa, Arizona




Hope this helps.

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I had my surgery done at UT southwest in Dallas Texas. They are pioneers in this type of surgery. They do very specialized lung surgery. It is a wonderful hospital and staff.

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