just found out i have stomach cancer

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    just found out i have stomach

    Well have not had any replies yet. I wonder if anyone even comes to this discussion board anymore. Anyway in case anyone doesi have something amazing to share. Some of you will think I'am a crazy, or a religious fanatic. Well think what you want I can only tell you of my experoence. After I found out I had stomach cancer I went through a whirl wind of tests in a weeks time. During this time I started getting closer to the Lord. I went to church and the comgregation laid hands on me tp heal me. I was amazed that these strangers would do such a thing but during this I felt heat in the area of my stomach and I had a strange tatse come into my mouth. It was a pretty amazing thing that I had never experienced in my life. After me and my wife left the church I started to feel hungry so we went home and I ate like a horse. Since that day I have had no symptoms and I have gained wieght and feel great. I went to the cancer surgeon yesterday at the Kirkland center in Birmingham (Alabama not England) The surgeon looked at my scans from the prior week and told me I was in stage 2 with the cancer and it looked like it had not spread outside the stomach. I told him what had happpened to me since the tests were run and that my symptoms of getting sick , feeling full, and wierd bowel movements had all gone away and if he could explian this medically. He told me that he COULD NOT EXPLIAN THIS and that normally symptoms get worse not better with cancer left untreated. I asked him if we could run another test before any type of surgery was done or chemo. He agreed to my request so I will let anyone know what the outcome of this trest will be If anyone is even comming to this forum anymore. The lord is great and amazing.

    P.S. sorry if there are any typos I'm not a writer

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    Hey, great to hear!

    I am currently in treatment for stage 3 stomach cancer, and I can testify that the Lord has used this cancer to work in my life and those around me.  I certainly belive that the Lord can heal or do as he pleases.... we just need to be ready for what he has in store for us.  Scott