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Carcinosarcoma Stage 4 (Spread to the lungs, lump in urethra)

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Hi everyone,

My mum was told she had fibroids in the womb two years ago, and she had total abdominal hysterectomy (removed womb, fillopian tubes and both overies) on 15/03/16. We were relieved and she was fine. after 6 weeks, she had a follow up appointment was was told the fiobroids from the womb were cancerous! On the same day, we found she had a lump in her urethra of which, a biopsy was taken.

Then we had CT / MRI scan done to check if the cancer had spread anywhere in the body. In the next appointment, she is now diagnosed with a Stage 4 Cancer. She has been advised to take Chemo and other medicines for lungs and radiotherapy for the lump in the urethra.

We are told this is an aggressive type and chances are very slim for survival. However, I read about some natural foods that can help keep her immune system healthy and kill some cancerous cells. There is something called Wheatgrass juice, I am not sure if anyone has tried this?

Can you please share if anyone have had similar condition and tried any natural food to help fight the cancerous cells? PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank you so much in advance. Any help much appreciated.

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Come to the Uterine cancer page and post this.  Some of the ladies on there have used natural remedies with success.  I wish the best to your mum.



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Nidhip, you may want to search for Angel Howerton on the internet. She is a Stage 4 carcinosarcoma ("MMMT"), 5-year survivor. She used natural, holistic medicines to beat it. I am not endorsing her methods (I went full western medicine for my fight) but if you are looking for this type of treatment, she may be able to offer you some help. Good luck to your mum and to you! Kim

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