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Parent of young man with GBM

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MY son was diagnosed with GBM in March 2016.  He had been misdiagnosed as Bipolar and none of the psychiatrists ever did a brain scan when I asked.  We are very isolated as I just moved to the CA desert for a job in JAN.  My son was in a PhD program, got his masters in Economics a year ago and has just finished his first course of radiation/chemo (although his bio markers are not thought to be responsive to Temodar he is taking it).

He will be seeing Dr. Kong at the Chao Cancer Center at UC Irvine next week in anticipation of getting treatment with the Optune Cap.

My difficulty is dealing with fear of the future and making the best decisions for him.

Any other parents dealing with GBM with their young adult children?

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I am from the uterine cancer board and just happened to read the brain cancer site.
I had to tell you about metformin.

I was originally diagnosed with Stage 3 endometrial cancer which metastasized to Stage 4
two months after my hysterectomy.  Had metastases to liver, spleen, outer rectum and nodules
on lungs, liver, spleen and outer colon, 34cm of tumors in all.

Began metformin February 2015. After one month, 88% of all those tumors disappeared; was
down to 4cm.  By August 2015, was in complete remission and remain so to this day. Still on
metformin.  You can read my whole story at http://csn.cancer.org/node/299313.

Metformin is the most prescribed drug in the world for diabetes and insulin resistance but
has numerous anti-cancer properties, (for which no cancer drugs exist). The good doctors
know what this drug can do.  Was approved in us in 1995, but started being used in Canada
and Europe in 1950s. Over 150million people take this drug because it is effective, safe and cheap.

It is well known that chemo and radiation do not work well for GBM. Most chemos do not cross
the blood-brain barrier- metformin does.  I think the brain is smart enough to know that chemo
is poison.

A good article to read is at www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov PMC4395104 "Metformin Inhhibits
Growth of Human Glioblastoma Cells and Enhances  Therapeutic Response." This is
the website of the National Institutes of Health. You can give a copy of this article to your doctor.

I suggest you speak with your son's doctor about getting him on this drug before trying anymore
dangerous cancer treatments to the brain. You have nothing to lose and he is so young, his
doctors should be trying treatments that are not as dangerous as chemo and radiation if they
are available.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

(you have to take control of your health)





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